The Micro Brewery – Motley Hog Brewery

Like most things that happen in life – fantastic decisions can be made over a pint!  A chat with the landlord of our ‘local’ pub in Ross-on-Wye, after a quiz night where our team managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the last round, he mentioned that they were looking at finding premises to brew their own ales with possibility of distilling in the future and did I have anywhere to rent?  Of course, I didn’t particularly want to rent but wondered if a collaboration to be part of their business, supply regenerative malting barley, hops, water and use the malt to feed animals was possible.  Perhaps even have a tasting evening through the summer months? who knows, but the Motley Hog Brewery based at Townsend is about to start a very exciting conversion project.  More updates coming soon.

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