Townsend Farm is 224 hectares of arable land.  The current crops grown are potatoes, oilseed rape, spring barley, winter wheat, winter rye and grass. 

What’s happening on the Farm

The Family
Richardson-Wall Family
Our Friends
The Sheep
The Cows
The Chickens
The Bees
The Bug Hotel at Townsend Farm
The Bug Hotel
Nature and Fodder Farm Walk Evenings
Farm Walks & Fodder
The Rheas
The Rheas
Helen Taylor-Davies
The Shoot
The Goats
The Goats
The Smokehouse
The Smokehouse
The Johnson Su Bioreactor
The Johnson Su Bioreactor
The Chaos Garden
Our efforts Sept 2020
The Vineyard & Winery
Weddings at Townsend Farm
The Wedding Venue
The Worm Farm
The Alpacas