RegenBen Interviews

Recent interviews that are worthy of a watch / listen!

Regenerative Skills – the 9th of the monthly expert panel discussions.
Ray Archuleta, Ademir Calegari, and Ben Taylor-Davies discuss regenerative arable farming.

Ben Taylor-Davies discusses promise of regenerative agricultural methods in the UK with John Kempf

“Healthy” food dichotomy

Regenerative Viticulture Foundation

VidaCycle Regenerative Viticulture Series #2: Regenerative experiments in a UK vineyard; RegenBen with Abby Rose

REGENERATIVE ARABLE FARMING: Panel with Ray Archuleta, Dr Ademir Calegari & Ben Taylor-Davies

Plant Health Analysis Workshop – Advanced Level

Farming for change podcast
A monthly podcast where two Nuffield Scholars – James Smith, a fifth-generation farmer, and Ben Taylor-Davies, a bioagriecologist, chat about all things regenerative farming, rewilding, biodiversity and more, occasionally joined by special guests from the field (no pun intended).

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