New Horizons

agricultural barn before new horizons muralagricultural barn after new horizons mural

Artwork Mural – New Horizons

Inspired by our travels down under to visit Ben’s sister Naomi where the South Australian Grain Silo Art Trail has turned what was essentially a basic functional grain silo into an incredible piece of artwork depicting the rural landscape of Australia.  Our love of street art came from visiting Ben’s other sister Jess, whilst she was living in Bristol, and admiring all of the incredible street art that is on show there from the famous Banksy’s to the incredible Upfest Festival of Street Art.   After chatting with a family friend, Simon Glinn (who has worked in the art world all of his life from Glastonbury through to the Liverpool Philharmonic) and describing what we were thinking of doing, he suggested and introduced us to Ollie from Gage Graphics and from there we designed a brief for a commission.

  • Watch our timelapse video of the mural being created.

The brief of course could never be simple as we had so many ideas and thoughts and we wanted to include the following:

  1. Vibrance of colour that would stimulate those with sensory needs.
  2. Education, could a picture show where our farm has come from and where it is heading to.
  3. Inclusion and Diversity, could the picture show that nobody or nothing is excluded from regenerative farming. Diversity shows no boundaries.
  4. Inspire others to do the same to create a UK Agricultural Art Trail.
  5. Be completed during the week of COP26 to stimulate the agricultural importance
  6. Make people smile.
  7. Advertising for Regenben without using the name but explaining as a consultant what I am do for a living.
  8. Since the invention of steel portal frame buildings the architecture has totally disappeared from modern farm buildings, the uniqueness of county building materials and design has gone and buildings the length and breadth of the country have no identity.  Perhaps this is a method of using local artists to have influence on agricultural building architecture.

The name of the art work “New Horizons” was suggested by Ben’s mum Sue, who has seen the farm over 45 years change from a traditional mixed farm, to an intensive arable farm from the early 1990’s and now evolved into a farm for the future.

We truly believe that Ollie has not only fulfilled these briefs but exceeded even our greatest expectations and feel privileged to have such a work of art that we can appreciate every day and allow others to do exactly the same.

UK Agricultural Art Trail

Are you a UK farmer with a barn that you believe might enhance the local community with art work? We are looking at creating an agricultural art trail and plotting these on a map so the general public can find what might be local to them.

We can help find an artist to help you create your own masterpiece so please get in touch, if you already have something, we would love to see it and plot it on a map here, please fill in the form below to register either interest or the art you have.

If you are an artist that would love to become involved in the UK agricultural art trail then please feel free to get in touch about what you can do and where you work so we can link farmers and artists. Let’s make a positive change!

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