This is my Regenerative Agriculture recommended reading list

For those who don’t know me, I like to read A LOT!!  I have personally read and rated all of the books below.  Use the filter tool to view books by category, interest, difficulty etc.  You can also print the table or open in an excel or csv file. (Please note: some functions may not be available when viewing from a mobile phone).

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I am currently in discussions with Acres USA to bring a similar bookstore, which would be based in the UK, to sell a lot of the publications described in the book list below.  Making them more accessible to people in the UK and less hassle with the cost of shipping and Import duty etc.

Recommend a Book

If there is a book that you would recommend that isn’t in our library please get in touch.

wdt_ID Book title Author Pages Audio Book Available? Interest (1 - 5.5) Difficulty (1 - 5) Notes Category
1 A Short history of farming Ralph Whitlock 223 No 4 1 Old book, author from the field magazine - worth a reading tracing agriculture through the ages until the 1960’s Soil
2 Building soils for better crops 2nd edition Fred Magdoff et al 214 No 5 1 Like this book, well set out, easy to read, enjoyable and a good insight into regen ag in a really good well written order *must read! Soil
3 Call of nature Richard Jones 274 No 5 1 A UK based book about the secret life of dung, how it is produced and then how it is recycled, a truly fascinating book and so relevant in the search of complete recycling. Soil
4 Chemistry of soil Analysis D Storer 68 No 4 3 Book looking at how and how to replicate soil nutrient testing Soil
5 Comeback Farms Greg Judy 275 No 4 2 Rejuvenating soils, pastures and profits with livestock grazing management, a follow on from ‘No risk ranching’ Based on Allan Savoury’s work of holistic management. Soil
6 Cultivating reality R Sutterfield 113 No 2 1 A look at agrarianism, how theology and soils can interact. Soil
7 Dirt David Montgomery 245 No 4 2 Prequel to Growing a revolution Soil
8 Dirt to soil Gabe Brown 201 Yes 5.5 1 Great book, Great introduction to regen ag. I met Gabe back in 2016 on his farm in North Dakota - the most fascinating farm and the most incredible soil! All built by him and his family Soil
9 Food power from the sea Lee Freya 193 No 4 2 1977 book in need of modification because at this time the sea was being utilised for land fertility, through seaweed, fishmeal, sea water and/or all the energy stored within it - a worthy read Soil
10 For the love of soil Nicole Masters 271 Yes 5.3 1 Right up there with the essential reads, a very modern 2019 book, based in New Zealand, but absolutely essential reading. Soil
Book title Author Audio Book Available? Interest (1 - 5.5) Difficulty (1 - 5) Category
Book title Author Pages Audio Book Available? Interest (1 – 5.5) Difficulty (1 – 5) Notes Category
A Short history of farming Ralph Whitlock 223 No 4 1 Old book, author from the field magazine – worth a reading tracing agriculture through the ages until the 1960’s Soil
Building soils for better crops 2nd edition Fred Magdoff et al 214 No 5 1 Like this book, well set out, easy to read, enjoyable and a good insight into regen ag in a really good well written order *must read! Soil
Call of nature Richard Jones 274 No 5 1 A UK based book about the secret life of dung, how it is produced and then how it is recycled, a truly fascinating book and so relevant in the search of complete recycling. Soil
Chemistry of soil Analysis D Storer 68 No 4 3 Book looking at how and how to replicate soil nutrient testing Soil
Comeback Farms Greg Judy 275 No 4 2 Rejuvenating soils, pastures and profits with livestock grazing management, a follow on from ‘No risk ranching’ Based on Allan Savoury’s work of holistic management. Soil
Cultivating reality R Sutterfield 113 No 2 1 A look at agrarianism, how theology and soils can interact. Soil
Dirt David Montgomery 245 No 4 2 Prequel to Growing a revolution Soil
Dirt to soil Gabe Brown 201 Yes 5.5 1 Great book, Great introduction to regen ag. I met Gabe back in 2016 on his farm in North Dakota – the most fascinating farm and the most incredible soil! All built by him and his family Soil
Food power from the sea Lee Freya 193 No 4 2 1977 book in need of modification because at this time the sea was being utilised for land fertility, through seaweed, fishmeal, sea water and/or all the energy stored within it –  a worthy read Soil
For the love of soil Nicole Masters 271 Yes 5.3 1 Right up there with the essential reads, a very modern 2019 book, based in New Zealand, but absolutely essential reading. Soil
Foundations of natural farming Harold Willis 346 No 5 1 Really good book explaining the principles of regenerative agriculture – highly recommended Soil
A soil owners Manual Jon Stika 79 Yes 5.5 1 Short concise book, with pretty much every fact and figure needed to understand Regen ag and soil, how so much information is found in such a small book (and audio) is nothing short of genius Soil
From the Soil up Donald Schriefer 268 No 5.1 2 A John Kempf recommendation – need I say more? The reason why soil is the answer to agriculture and how to make best use of it. Soil
Fundamentals of soil ecology David coleman 312 No 5 2 A text book/reference book for graduates on all aspects and descriptions/diagrams of life that occurs in the soil – very expensive resource! Soil
Good soil Brade Birks 276 No 3 2 1946 Wye college book looking at how to assess soil for texture, structure and how to farm it. Soil
Grow your soil Diane Miessler 155 No 5 1 A well illustrated, top facts, concise introduction into how a soil works and why it works like that, designed for gardeners, but a useful addition to any farming bookshelf. Soil
Growing a revolution David Montgomery 284 yes 4 1 Great author and read, 2 other books highly recommended (Dirt) (The hidden half of nature) Soil
Healthy soils, sick soils Margareth Sekera 136 No 4 2 Very good book, modern book of work done in Germany in 1943 overall v good book Soil
Holy shit, managing manure to save mankind Gene Logson 195 No 4 1 Great little book, does exactly what is says in the title! Soil
How Soil Works Paul Syltie 137 No 5.3 1 An incredible book, detailed knowledge but demonstrated in a way that explains it easily, certainly in my top 10 of books to read. Soil
Humusphere Herwig Pommeresche 209 No 5.3 2 A John Kempf recommendation – A great book that looks at the tricky subject of humus and its role in the humusphere in the soil and yet explains it extremely well. Soil
Interactions of Soil Minerals with Natural Organics and Microbes P M Huang 585 No 2 5 AN almost impossible read? aimed I guess at serious soil scientists, can’t think of anyone else that could read it? Soil
Albrecht on Calcium W Albrecht 278 No 5 4 278 pages dedicated to Calcium! No wonder S Townsend finds it so important Soil
Introduction to soil Physics Daniel Hillel 320 No 3 5 An introduction if you are already a Physics genius! Otherwise a book that gives all the formulas required to work things out accurately such as evapotranspiration rates. Soil
Life in a bucket of soil Alvin Silverstein 93 No 5.1 1 A reprint of a 1972 Book, different and a worthy read because it focusses on the macro animals rather than the micro fungi and bacteria of which there is so much written. Soil
Life in the soil R Jackson 59 No 4 1 A useful books in old methods to measure the life within soils Soil
Managing soils without using Chemicals Jo Readman 43 No 3 1 Very basic, but a useful quick read, mainly focussing on gardens, tillage and mulches. Soil
Mother earth (Letters on soil) G W Robinson 201 No 4 2 1937 book UK based, useful read (explains here the difference between soil organic matter and humus) Soil
Nitrogen and soil organic matter MAFF 166 No 3 4 1969 when UK ag research was best in the world. A very scientific led book looking at how to feed a crop amongst other. Soil
No Tillage, Agriculture principles R Philips 319 No 4 2 1984 book on No till (very few books or publications written about no till) based in Netherlands so more relevant to a UK climate than those books written in the Americas Soil
Pioneers of fertility Crichton Porteous 125 No 5.1 1 An old book tracing the history of the understanding of soil fertility from the mid 14th century to the early 20th century. Soil
Ploughing a new furrow Malcolm Smith 215 No 5.1 1 2018 UK book – looking at BREXIT and the interactions between nature and farming – loved this book and needs promotion Soil
Ploughmans Folly Edward Faulkner 142 No 5 1 1945 book questioning the use of plough, fantastic look at cover crops and the primitive understanding of soil biology. Soil
Albrecht on Pastures W Albrecht 235 No 5 4 More pastureland advice Soil
Radical Regenerative gardening and farming Frank Holzman 198 No 3 3 US book, not the easiest of reads, much better books written on the subject. Soil
Remediation engineering of contaminated soils Donald L. Wise 979 No 2 4 Essential reference book, for those looking at solving contamination of soils with researched science. Soil
Sea energy agriculture Maynard Murray M.D 104 No 4 2 2003 US book looking at the research of Maynard Murray, who studied extensively the minerals found in sea water would benefit plants and animals Soil
Seaweed in Agriculture and Horticulture W A Stephenson 193 No 4 2 A 1960’s? book based on Seaweed and its applications, not the easiest of reads, but useful for understanding the role of seaweed and improving plants. Soil
Secrets of Fertile Soils Erhard Henning 170 No 5 1 A great book outlining and detailing how soils work and their importance (translated from the original German book of the same name) originally written in 1995 Soil
Secrets of the Soil Peter Tompkins 329 No 4 3 Claimed as a sequel to ‘silent spring’ by Rachel Carson? A much more difficult read because of typeface, I wouldn’t rush to read it again! Soil
Sewage solutions Nick Grant 177 No 5 2 2005 UK book, not the easiest typeface and the book could be bigger for ease of use, but very informative and some good ideas Soil
Soil Charlie Ryrie 58 No 3 1 A very basic understanding of soil written on behalf of the soil association. Soil
Soil Analysis Keith Smith 504 No 2 5 A look at the instrumental techniques and related procedures to making soil analysis – not sure this is meant to be read or used as a reference, but doing the latter! Soil
Soil and Sense Michael Graham 264 No 4 2 1941 Rothamsted book delving into a huge bank of knowledge that has been mostly forgotten and now needs relearning – well worth the read Soil
Albrecht on Soil balancing W Albrecht 216 No 5 4 How to make nutrients available Soil
Soil and your health Beatrice Trum Hunter 111 No 2 1 Much like Albrecht’s book, the link between how you grow something and your own health – worthy of a quick read Soil
Soil care and management Jo Readman 45 No 4 1 A nice little UK booklet, albeit dated now Soil
Soil Chemistry D Strawn 392 No 4 3 V good soil chemistry text book ref Soil
Soil chemistry and its applications M Cresser 208 No 5 2 1995 UK book, very good, well structured and informative book Soil
Soil Conditions and Plant Growth E Walter Russell 658 No 5 3 A huge resource (9th ed) UK based, but looks at all aspects of soils from around the world and what’s in them and how to manage them. Soil
Soil Conservation N Hudson 300 No 3 1 1971 really a look back at how sticky plasters were advised as a way of controlling erosion. Soil
Soil Ecology Ken Killham 211 No 5 2 A small text book style book written in 1994 and a surprising amount of information and accuracy when looking at the functionality of the soil. A worthy read. Soil
Soil Erosion and Conservation RPC Morgan 164 No 3 2 Another A level text book, some useful parts in it if required. Soil
Soil Fertility & Human and Animal health W Albrecht 283 No 5 4 Final book of the series, linking a healthy soil, to a healthy plant, a healthy plant to a healthy animal and in turn healthy human. Soil
Soil fertility and animal health W Albrecht 187 No 5 4 self explanatory Soil
Albrecht’s Enduring vision W Albrecht 297 No 5 4 Pastures and animals and connection with soils Soil
Soil in their souls Rex Sly 160 No 3 3 A history of Fenland farming in the UK Soil
Soil management Bryan Davies et al 245 No 3 2 1972 look at ploughing, when ploughing was still a very different thing than it is today Soil
Soil Mechanics R F Craig 77 No 2 5 If you need formulas to work out how soils will behave on a slope for instance, this is your book! Soil
Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Paul Clark 327 No 2 5 Scientific book, aimed at graduates minimum, but a useful resource when needing to look at scientific evidence. Soil
Soil organic matter P Bjorklund 137 No 4 5 World scientific view on the role and need to rebuild soil organic matter Soil
Soils and Environment S Ellis and A Mellor 316 No 5 2 Written by one of my University lecturers, a book aimed at graduate students that need to understand the principles of soils and a changing environment. Soil
Sun, soil and survival K Berger 371 No 2 2 1972 USA book and introduction to soils and how and why they are so important Soil
Teach yourself farming ‘good soil’ S G Brade-Birks 295 No 4 2 1944 UK book (Wye college) good explanations of soil basics and formation from rocks and weathering Soil
The Biological Farmer 2nd ed Gary Zimmer 360 No 4 1 Good book, hard to get hold of, now been updated and expanded by his follow up book. Soil
The biology of soil Richard Bardgett 189 No 5 2 V good general soil book, Good technical knowledge explained pretty well throughout. Soil
Albrecht’s foundation concepts W Albrecht 507 No 5 4 The source of much of Neal Kinsey’s work Soil
The Drought resilient Farm Dale Strickler 176 No 4 1 Good read, useful diagrams and tables to backup data claims. Like most books US based and livestock taking a large chunk of the book, but very useful all the same. Soil
The Farming Ladder G Henderson 170 No 5 1 Farming ‘bible’ of the 1940’s lots of great information on livestock, cropping and the value of mucking and manures Soil
The Greatest Invention Dung Beetles & a cowman’s profits Charles Walters 186 No 4 1 A fascinating look into the importance of dung beetles, what they do, how they work and the necessity of them in the soil food web to contribute manure into smaller parts for the soil biology to work on. Soil
The Humannure handbook Joseph Jenkins 270 No 4 1 A book that looks into making the most of human ‘bi-products’ urine and faeces and describes how best to utilise this precious commodity. Soil
The Ideal Soil v2.0 A Handbook for the New Agriculture Michael Astera 171 No 5.1 1 An acres US book, that everyone should own for a great point of reference. Soil
The Independent Farmsead Shawn and Beth Dougherty 303 No 3 2 A smallholding growing soil, biodiversity and nutrient dense food with grassland animals and intensive pasture management Soil
The Nature and Properties of Soil Nyle Brady, Ray Weil 900 No 5 3 V expensive, excellent text book style guide and understanding of soils Soil
The Soul of Soil Grace Gershuny 100 No 5 3 1986 Canadian book, looking at all aspects of soil health in need of updating in a better typeface and pictures/tables/diagrams Soil
The Story of the Soil from the Basis of Absolute Science and Real Life Cyril Hopkins 267 No 2 3 Not the greatest read… Soil
Albrecht’s hidden lessons W Albrecht 385 No 5 4 follow on from above Soil
The Study of the Soil in the Field 2nd and 3rd Additions G Clarke 188 No 3 2 1941 book, notebook size, defining the parameters of measuring soils (nothing new today!) US Soil
The waste products of agriculture Albert Howard et al 125 No 4 1 Albert Howard – just read it! Soil
The worlds greatest Fix G J Leigh 220 No 5.1 2 Not the easiest read, but a fascinating journey through the role of nitrogen, it’s history, it’s manufacturing and the current understanding. Soil
Understanding Roots Robert Kourik 187 No 5.1 1 US book, but is worth of a read, so much knowledge about what happens under the surface! Soil
Water in plain sight Judith Schwartz 224 Yes 5 2 Here Judith uses the works of Alan Savory to explain how areas of desertification can be converted back to green and prosperous lands Soil
World Soils E.M Bridges 164 No 4 2 Geology under graduate text book about the soils from around the world, what they consist of and their management and formation. Soil
An agricultural testament Sir Albert Howard 258 No 5 2 Essential reading from the godfather of soil health, of which much of modern day understanding is based Soil
The World of the Soil John Russell 227 No 5 2 First published by the lead scientist of Rothamsted research in 1957, John Russell, looks into the life of the soil and shows just what we did know 70 years ago – fascinating read Soil
Food 5.0 How we feed the future Robert D Saik 233 No 5 1 Great book on the future of food combining technology and the environment and the awesome authors Rob’s rants throughout the book. Soil
Soil Biology Primer Soil and Water conservation society (USA) 47 No 5 1 A very simply put together booklet and well illustrated about the life found in the soil, very hard to get hold of, and not sure if it’s worth the hassle! Soil
Cultivation Systems at Drayton MAFF 12 No 4 1 1977 booklet, looking at various cultivation trials conducted by MAFF at their Stratford site. Soil
Basic Soil Mechanics R Whitlow 531 No 2 5 A reference book and more to do with construction industry and the way soils behave, rather than from a biological point of view. Soil
Massey Ferguson 797 Reversible plough MF 15 No 4 1 Plough manual, how to set up etc Soil
No Till seeding in Conservation Agriculture C J Baker et al 300 No 5 2 An essential book for those looking at going in to No Till farming, a collection of papers by various authors put in a very easily and well guided book through all of the research (download of the book available FOC) Soil
Manures and Manuring MAFF 99 No 3 2 1937 book, interesting enough looking at the use of artificial fertiliser to compliment the use of manures. Soil
Soil Health, Soil Biology, Soilborne Diseases and Sustainable Agriculture Graham Stirling 234 No 5.3 1 Essential reading for anyone starting along the soil health or regenerative agriculture route – that simple! Soil
Regenerative Soil – The Science and Solutions Matt Powers 270 Yes 5.4 1 Brand new book at the time of writing (Nov 2020) and the best diagrammatic explanation of soils ever written, absolutely essential reading and point of reference. Soil
7 Myths about Aquaponics Michelle Booth 102 No 3 1 A simple instructional book focussing on the main reasons people do not subscribe to aquaponics. Livestock
Equine Nutrition and Feeding David Frape 505 No 3 4 Graduate level of equine nutrition, first few chapters useful for nutrient requirement. Livestock
Feed your Horse like a Horse Juliet Getty 392 No 3 3 Not the easiest (US) read, nor the most informative about paddocks and what to plant/grass etc. Livestock
For the love of land Jim Howell 462 No 5 1 World case studies of grazing alongside nature and how it work, answering the question often asked, it works there, but never would here! Livestock
Grass Productivity, an introduction to rational grazing Andre Voisin 481 No 5 1 Essential reading by the godfather of grass – must read Livestock
Grass-fed nation Graham Harvey 254 No 3 1 Pro grazing/livestock book Livestock
Grassland ecology and wildlife management E Duffey et al 244 No 3 2 Dated book, pretty much does what is says on the title Livestock
Grassland restoration and management David Blakesley 231 No 4 2 Essential reading for those looking after grassland with the intention of enhancing all aspects of biodiversity. Livestock
Happy pigs taste better Alice Percy 216 No 4 1 A complete guide to organic and holistic pasture based pork system. Great read and information on how to include pigs in an holistic management program. Livestock
Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses Jane Myers 245 No 5 1 Another Australian book out of the top drawer for equine nutrition and using pastures, nature and the understanding of evolution to provide equiculture solutions Livestock
Herdmanship Newman Turner 157 No 3 2 The fourth of his works, looks more at animal husbandry. Read the other 3 first! Livestock
A Healthy Horse the Natural Way Catherine Bird 223 No 4 1 An Australian book that goes far on from nutrition, but explains how health can heal many ailments – I enjoyed this book Livestock
Holistic management Handbook 3rd ed Jody Butterfield et al 245 No 3 4 Using Allan Savory’s work and using the handbook to work alongside his Holistic management book (not to be confused) pretty useless without the text book Livestock
Holistic resource managment Allan Savory 508 No 5 2 “The bible” of regenerative ag. Allans work in the former country of Rhodesia saw him oversee the culling of 40,000 elephants due to perceived ‘overgrazing’ the problem worsened and led to the great revolution that animals were the solution rather than the problem. Livestock
Horse Feeding and Nutrition Tony Cunha 423 No 3 2 Hard work for a 2002 printed book (US)! Livestock
Horse Nutrition and Feeding Sarah Pilliner 176 No 3 1 Another UK book (mid 1990’s) about basic horse nutrition of mainly grass! Livestock
Horse Pasture Management Paul Sharpe 367 No 4 2 A good book (Canadian written, mainly based in North America) but gets to the grips of achieving correct nutrition in pastures rather than relying on bought in amendments. Livestock
How to not go broke ranching Walt Davis 312 No 4 1 A great look at 50 years experience in the US of learning that biological farming would enhance his livestock – no running seminars across the world Livestock
Humane livestock handling Temple Grandin 217 No 2 1 One of those books by a great author who has written so much about livestock management and handling that at least one of his books is worth reading, especially when considering regen ag Livestock
Managing pasture Dale Strickler 266 No 5.1 1 Despite being US based, yet again Dale has written a fantastic (published 2019) modern book on all aspects of sustainable grazing – a must read! Livestock
Meat a Benign Extravagance Simon Fairlie 300 No 3 1 A look at why we should lower our meat consumption because of the way our meat is produced and its effect on the planet. Livestock
No risk ranching Greg Judy 231 No 3 1 A USA based book looking at making a profit on leased or rented grazing land. Useful read Livestock
Aquaponic Gardening Sylvia Bernstein 208 No 4 2 A really informative book, a little more investment in the quality of paper, typeface, pictures and diagrams would have made it a much more interesting and captivating read. Livestock
Nutrition and Feeding of Horses Beth Maloney 202 No 3 1 Fairly straight forward (now dated) UK boo on horse nutrition Livestock
Practical Horse and Pony Nutrition Gillian McCathy 255 No 3 1 UK book, plenty of others, most better! Livestock
Salad Bar Beef Joel Salatin 346 No 5 2 A 1995 book by Joel, showing that small beef operations can be profitable and then how this can be extended in later chapters. Livestock
The art and science of grazing Sarah Flack 220 No 5 1 A great book, where the integration of livestock needs to be far more understood by the the agronomist, I would consider this as a bible to grass and soil health. Livestock
The Forgiveness of Nature (The story of grass) Graham Harvey 333 No 4 2 A History of grass, In need of modernisation, because it is actually a really good read. Livestock
The Horse Nutrition Bible Ruth Bishop 177 No 3 1 2003 UK book, look at the feed requirement and nutritional needs of the horse – better books written on the subject! Livestock
The Horse Nutrition Handbook Melyni Worth 211 No 3 1 More modern (2010) book and therefore easier to read book on the basics and principles of equine nutrition (USA) Livestock
The Marvellous Pigness of Pigs Joel Salatin 257 No 3 1 As a typical Joel book, the ethics of animal keeping within his firm Christian beliefs, means the book is as much about faith and the bible as is about farming, processing and purchasing food. Livestock
The Miracle of Milk Bernarr Macfadden 204 No 2 2 1924 book, highlighting the benefits of milk in your diet and even the whole milk diet – useful read when debating dairy farming etc. Livestock
Aquaponics systems Bowe Packer 77 No 3 1 Simple introduction to aquaponics with very easy to follow diagrams and pictures. Livestock
The Secret Life of Cows Rosamund Young 136 Yes 3 1 Fringe book, good read Livestock
The vegetarian Myth Lierre Keith 271 Yes 3 1 Looking at the case of a once vegan which documents a personal life but also one of politics in a food system at the point of breaking. Livestock
Big Chicken Maryn McKenna 308 Yes 3 1 Only a 3 as its slightly off subject, however a great read about how antibiotics created modern agriculture and changed the way the world eats Livestock
Cure your own cattle Newman Turner 77 No 4 1 A look through Newmans experience of how to treat all of the cattle aliments, without needing to rely on antibiotics and medicines. Livestock
Defending beef Nicolette Hahn Niman 241 Yes 4 2 why livestock is so important! Livestock
Electric fencing handbook Ann Hansen 93 No 5 1 A great book and useful resource for those looking at including livestock on any kind of mob grazed system and how to plan and get the best out of it. Livestock
Epic Impact journal 2017 Various 111 No 3 1 A book that gives an overview of animals, case studies and region ag, different from many of the other books and well worth a quick read Livestock
The Aquaponic Farmer Adrian Southern 259 No 5 1 A very well laid out book detailing the whole process and business of aquaponic farming – best book on the subject so far in my opinion. Livestock
Nourishment Fred Provenza 325 No 5 2 A book that looks at how and why animals choose to balance their diets and then looks at humans and their ability to still do this. Livestock
Where do Camels Belong? Ken Thompson 223 No 3 2 A look at the story and science of invasive species and what it means in terms of history and the future. Livestock
Dirt Hog Kelly Klober 304 No 4 2 US produced book looking at all aspects of raising pasture reared (Range-produced) pigs looking at all aspects of the pigs natural husbandry Livestock
Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically Paul Dettloff 411 No 4 3 Pretty much does what it says in the title! US based book, focusing mainly on cattle, but does look at all animals, from soil health right through animal biodynamics, DC voltage and  reading animals through to natural treatments. Livestock
The Art and Science of Shepherding Michel Meuret 404 No 5 1 An book originally written in French and based in that country, it is a fascinating resource that delves into the depths of the animals, diets, nutrition, reading the signs as well as the social and economic implications Livestock
Natural Sheep Care Pat Coleby 195 No 5 1 Fascinating and well written book looking at the more natural husbandry of sheep care to give a much better understanding of how and what to do to manage sheep in a more holistic way. Livestock
Chicken Tractor Andy Lee & Patricia Foreman 293 No 5 1 Love this book – all about chickens, chicken tractors, great illustrations, how to make, build (US based figures for the economics) building soils etc etc Livestock
The Lean Dairy Farm Jana Hocken Mat Hoken 396 No 4 1 A book thats quite hard to review, it’s a great manual for those looking at managing a dairy and making sure things are done right with minimum of waste, waste being time, management as well as waste products Livestock
Natural Horse Care Pat Coleby 152 No 5 1 Another great Pat Coleby book, like all the books in his series on natural animal care, the simplest of approaches learning from lessons of days gone by. Livestock
Natural Cattle Care Pat Coleby 199 No 5 1 Another great Pat Coleby book, like all the books in his series on natural animal care, the simplest of approaches learning from lessons of days gone by. Livestock
Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding Wilson Pond et al 558 No 3 4 Scientific based book however useful as a point of reference Livestock
Pig Feeding and Management MAFF 66 No 2 4 1963 Book, not the easiest read and not that relevant to anything regenerative – a timing really when animals were seen as nothing more than meat! Livestock
Anatomical and Physiological Models of the Horse, Cow, Sheep, Pig and Chicken N/A 32 No 5 1 An incredibly detailed short book showing the inside of the most common farm animals, an excellent reference book. Livestock
British Breeds of Livestock Board of Agriculture and Fisheries 146 No 3 2 1913 book showcasing everything that is good and the characteristics of all of the UK native breeds of livestock – a useful reference. Livestock
Fertility and Animal Breeding MAFF 44 No 3 2 Interesting read to understand how reproduction and breeding in farm animals is detailed and understood to get the best out of an animal – including a useful section on AI Livestock
Hybrid Chickens MAFF 39 No 3 2 1959 booklet looking at the commercial side of hybrid chickens and how they provide more economic gain, yet again designed in a time where science ruled and nature was something that was ignored Livestock
The Culling of Poultry MAFF 17 No 3 2 The process of preparing, catching and dispatching of chickens 1950’s style – useful for home producers looking to cull a few of their own poultry for consumption Livestock
The Shepherd’s Life James Rebanks 293 Yes 3 2 Better to listen than to read, as much as biography, but good and the interactions between the social, farming and environmental life that all become intertwined. Livestock
Green Meat? Ryan M Katz-Rosene 224 No 5 2 The scientific look at how meat production can be green in regenerative systems compared with the awful environmental footprint that is meat production currently. Livestock
The Illustrated Herdwick Shepard James Rebanks 171 No 3 1 The Life of the author taken through the lens of a camera – beautiful pictures and short passages Livestock
Sheep husbandry and diseases Allan Fraser 339 No 2 2 Useful resource book on husbandry of sheep and how to keep them healthy before resorting to medicines in a vibrant pasture system. Livestock
Aquaponics for Beginners Brian Ian 60 No 4 1 Simple book, looking into aquaponics Livestock
A Biodynamic manual Pierre Masson 299 No 3 2 A french based book where the author has practiced, then demonstrates and explains what and how he farms – a very good book on the subject. Biodynamics
The Anatomy of life & Energy in Agriculture Arden Andersen 107 No 5 1 A great introduction into energy and agriculture and how a different kind of focus on the right energy can provide healthy, sustainable crops. Biodynamics
The water wizard Viktor Schauberger 211 No 5.1 3 Another John Kempf recommended book so essential reading looking into the force and energy contained within water, a tricky read at best, but essential Biodynamics
The wizard and the prophet C Mann 462 No 4 1 Fringe but essential reading for anyone, the look at 2 scientists in the 1960’s-70’s their vision for feeding the planet as relevant today as it was then – shame its not available as an audio book (yet) Biodynamics
Water Spirits of the world Alanna Moore 129 No 1 2 Far to weird and mostly irrelevant! Biodynamics
Biodynamics in practice Tom Petherick 127 No 4 1 A lovely illustrated UK book following tablehurst and plaw hatch – a worthy and easy read. Biodynamics
Biophilia Edward Wilson 145 No 3 2 A very left field book, looking at the bonds between humans and other species and how we interact or effect each other. Biodynamics
Fertile Earth Victor Schauberger 193 No 5 3 Book 3 of the excellent work by Victor, here he looks at trees, biodynamics and energies in nature Biodynamics
Gardening and planting by the moon N Kollerstrom 60 No 2 1 An obvious fringe book, however a useful insight into previous cultures and what they believed and the results they saw Biodynamics
Paramagnetism Philip S Callahan 90 No 4 1 An interesting insight into the fascinating world of paramagnetic (something that is included in many products sold in S Africa) Biodynamics
Pfeiffer’s guide to Biodynamics Ehrenfried Pfeiffer 84 No 4 1 A nice short introduction before taking on some of his larger books and information about the concepts, principles and practice of biodynamics. Biodynamics
Sacred Medicine Linda Star Wolf 217 No 2 3 Very left field, looking at the Shamanic teachers of the install medicine wheel to understand insects and their role with ‘mother earth’ Biodynamics
Social farming Karl kong 224 No 4 2 Hard to describe what this book actually is! looking at the connections between biodynamics, animals and farming. Biodynamics
The Invisible Rainbow Arthur Firstenberg 392 No 4 3 A History of electricity and life, a book that has as many references as it does pages! The book fascinatingly looks at how electricity has changed the planet. Biodynamics
The Earths Face Ehremfried Pfeiffer 123 No 4 2 Another great book on biodynamics by the author who 40 years ago predicted the way modern ‘big ag’ was and is destroying the planet. Biodynamics
Living Rainbow H2O Mae-Wan Ho 281 No 4 4 A tricky read, and sequel to the Rainbow and the Worm where the author looks in to the latest science and evidence based around the most simple thing – water! Biodynamics
Cosmos Earth and Nutrition Richard Thornton Smith 260 No 4 3 A very useful book on biodynamics and well explained to the beginner, a complete introduction and explanation into how all things from the original Steiner concept are linked. Biodynamics
The Secret Teachings of Plants Stephen Buhner 272 Yes 3 4 A book I struggled with to be honest, I am yet to listen to it on audiobook where it might be an easier read Biodynamics
The Lost Language of Plants Stephen Buhner 288 No 4 3 A fascinating read about the disconnect we now have from plants as natural healers, chemists and all sorts of things in favour of the artificial pharmaceuticals and pesticides that we so much more rely on now. Biodynamics
The Rainbow and the Worm Mae-Wan Ho 250 No 3 3 Another book by the author which is highly unusual and a book that requires time and space to read and ingest. It looks at the simple sentence – what does it mean to be alive? and tries to answer it. Biodynamics
A Buzz in the meadow Dave Goulson 252 No 4 1 A wonderful insight into the secret lives of insects and the importance of their protection. Farm Nature
Farming in natures image Judith Soule et al 229 No 4 2 Not the easiest read! but good and looking back in the 1990’s at the USA and how many were looking at the organic/regen model for improving soils and health etc Farm Nature
Farming on the wild side Hayden N 240 No 3 1 Informative book about the evolution of regenerative small holding and nursery (based in the US) Biodiversity and perennial plants Farm Nature
Farming the Woods Ken Mudge et al 400 No 5 1 Understanding the role of forestry and its products as part of a regenerative plan across not only arable land and grazing, but also woodlands and forests. Farm Nature
Farming, Forestry and Natural heritage Richard Davison 304 No 4 2 Printed in 2006 and in need of an update as the world is ever changing, but a very good albeit not the easiest read into the integrated future of policy, farming and natural capital Farm Nature
Feeding and Greening the world Derek tribe 258 No 4 3 An interesting perspective from a scientific point of view of how the starving of scientific funding is preventing the research that needs to be done to change non sustainable habits Farm Nature
Feral George Monbiot 268 No 3 1 Rewilding, keep your friends close and enemies closer! Tiny typeface so a hard read! but looking at how we farm, the way we farm and how re-wilding should be implemented Farm Nature
Fields Bill Laws 219 No 3 1 The importance of the very thing we grow our crops in, looking at different fields from around the world, what role they play, what their boundaries mean to wildlife etc. Farm Nature
Fifty plants that changed the course of history Bill Laws 217 No 3 1 Interesting book, mainly not directly relevant, but shows how plants and some weeds have shaped history. Farm Nature
Flowers of the field Steve Nicholls 453 No 4 1 A History of meadow, moor and wood, a beautifully illustrated and informative book about all things wild flowers of the UK. Farm Nature
Folks, this ain’t normal Joel Salatin 351 No 3 3 A good book where Joel looks at how far removed from nature the farming process is. It’s not an easy read (typeface etc) so would recommend waiting for the audiobook! Farm Nature
A sting in the tale Dave Goulson 241 Yes 5 1 The story of Dave’s passion to reintroduce the short-haired bumble bee back into the UK after going extinct. Farm Nature
Foot loose Jane Holmes 122 No 3 1 A lovely look through the diary of nature in Wiltshire from 1936 – 1950, the photographs really do bring it home. Farm Nature
Givendale a farm in harmony with nature Richard Fuller 143 No 3 1 A mainly photograph book – as its title suggests Farm Nature
Green and prosperous land Dieter Helm 268 Yes 4 1 The problems associated with UK ag, well worth a listen/read a blueprint for rescuing the countryside Farm Nature
Hidden Nature Alick Bartholomew 270 No 5.1 1 Essential reading by the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) way ahead of his time of how nature works and how to address sick water, ailing forests and renewable energy. Farm Nature
How to catch a mole Marc Hamer 240 Yes 4 1 Another great read about how molecatchers learnt so much about the soil, the countryside and the environment. Farm Nature
How to read the landscape Patrick Whitefield 216 No 4 1 UK book! looking at how to understand how the landscape and its functions interact together to look at a whole ‘landscape’ understanding of the environment, rather than individual farms. Farm Nature
Invasive aliens Dan Eatherley 296 Yes 4 1 Only a 4 as slightly off topic, but fascinating insight into the UK species that have invaded and thrived, how, when, where and what are the consequences to the UK Farm Nature
Moles Rob Atkinson 130 No 4 1 The best book written and illustrated (that I have found) on the mole and its life in the soil. Are they are indicator of soil health? Farm Nature
Natural Capital Dieter Helm 247 No 4 2 The critically acclaimed author of many books, but this in particular looks to balance the economic v environment trade off Farm Nature
Nature as a measure Wes Jackson 226 No 5 1 Here Wes publishes a series of essays where he seeks to integrate food production with nature in a way that sustains both Farm Nature
Bee Quest Dave Goulson 220 No 4 1 A book which traces Dave’s travels around the world and also closer to home in search of all species of bee and where and why they are found where they are Farm Nature
Natures architect Jim Crumley 189 No 3 1 Beavers, the answer to flood management if allowed to do what they do naturally. Farm Nature
Natures Matrix Ivette Perfecto et al 248 No 5 2 Linking agriculture, biodiversity, conservation and food security. A really good book, but just something I found hard to read, not sure why? Farm Nature
Playing God In Yellowstone Alston Chase 375 No 2 2 Based in 1987, this book is a critical overview of everything that is wrong with the management of Yellowstone national park, it is important to understand that this has somewhat changed since it was written. Farm Nature
Rebirding Benedict Macdonald 226 No 4.5 1 Essentially a look at rewilding the U.K with emphasis on bird species which have been huge decline over the previous 2 centuries due to human interference. Farm Nature
Rewild the art of returning to nature Nick Baker 271 No 3 2 A UK based book 2017 about the need to re-wild and what it would mean to the UK to allow nature to return as it would want to. Farm Nature
Rewilding David wood fall 270 No 3 1 A lovely book based int he UK on what species do and how best to preserve them. Farm Nature
Seventy Summers Tony Harman 255 No 4 1 A History of Tony and is farm in Buckinghamshire, where in 70 years Tony went from hand milking and horses through the huge green revolution, here he explains the changes he has witnessed. Farm Nature
Silent fields Roger Lovegrove 301 No 4 2 An incredibly well researched book, look at the persecution of UK wildlife since Tudor times using history of taxes and game books to use this information to demonstrate how these animals have been driven from the UK countryside. Farm Nature
Silent Spring Rachel Carson 363 Yes 3 2 Needs little to no explanation I hope! However in any debate, reading both sides of the story makes you educated I believe Farm Nature
Soils, Vegetation, Ecosystems Greg O’Hare 194 No 4 2 Pretty sure this was my A level geography text book, a useful resource and worthy of ownership. Farm Nature
Britains wild harvest Hew Prendergast 82 No 2 1 Looking at the uses of native plants and how to live off the land in the UK Farm Nature
Songs of Increase Jaqueline Freeman 170 No 3 2 An interesting book, looking at working with honey bees, rather than maximise them for their output (honey farming) Farm Nature
Talking with nature Michael Roads 151 No 3 1 A quite fascinating book (v left field) about an Australian man who literally ‘talks’ to nature Farm Nature
The Ecology Book Tony Juniper 331 Yes 5 1 I have given this a 5, not so much farming related (totally) but a wider look at the planet and the effects all sorts is having on it. Farm Nature
The ecology of hedgerows and field margins J Dover 272 No 2 2 Obviously fringe, but highlights through science the nature of biological pest control contribution backed up with science. Farm Nature
The Eurasian Beaver Handbook Campbell-Palmer 118 No 3 1 For those estates looking at going above and beyond the realms of regen ag, the introduction of the beaver sits as a high priority, this handbook sets out a complete understanding of the beaver Farm Nature
The Farm as an Ecosystem Jerry Brunetti 317 No 5.1 2 A modern (2014) Acres published book, which is essential reading for agronomists and farmers as well as policy makers to understand the whole ecosystem approach to farming. Farm Nature
The Golden Spruce John Vaillant 239 No 2 2 A book written in BC Canada about the sabotage of one of its greatest assets (A huge spruce) the understanding of the connection and then the mysterious disappearance of the saboteur. Farm Nature
The history of British Vegetation Winifred Pennington 138 No 3 2 A 1969 UK text book looking at how vegetation has changed and established over millennia, until man had a huge influence over it in the past 5000 years. Farm Nature
The Molecatcher says Henry Tegner 146 No 3 1 UK book from 1964 when soils were ‘stuffed’ with moles….. but a book much more than moles, bats, hedgehogs, badgers and weasels Farm Nature
The Moth Snowstorm Michael McCarthy 246 Yes 4 2 Not the easiest typeface, a useful reference to the decline in the UK natural capital, the authors relationship with nature and what we might be able to reverse the decline. Farm Nature
Buzz Thor Hanson 216 Yes 5 1 The nature and necessity of bees and how 125 million years ago, a wasp began the process of feeding pollen to it’s offspring – a great read Farm Nature
The Natural History of Moles Martyn Gorman 125 No 3 1 Useful reference and pictures of the work of moles, what they eat, how they live and impact on society. Farm Nature
The Spirit of Rewilding Peter Taylor 271 No 3 4 A tricky read, with Isabella Tree or George Monbiot’s writing, far more understandable. Farm Nature
Three against the wilderness Eric Collier 286 No 3 1 Great book, based in BC Canada, where a beaver trapper reintroduced beaver dams and tuned back into nature and were able to farm when the land had been restored. Farm Nature
Tuning in to nature Philip Callahan 220 No 4 3 A tricky read, but looks at the reasons and experiments as to why insects are attracted to crops and plants, through infrared, solar energy, insect communication systems and hormones. Farm Nature
Where the birds sing The game conservancy trust 62 No 4 2 A booklet looking into the first 10 years of the Allerton project, using conservation and farming hand in hand. Farm Nature
Wild flowers of Britain Michael W Davison 439 No 3 2 reference book (readers digest) with lots of colourful illustrations of all the wild flowers in the UK. Farm Nature
Wilding Isabella Tree 384 Yes 4 1 A look at the re-wilding experiment at the Knepp castle estate, interesting as an understanding to how re-wilding works and what they aim to achieve. Farm Nature
Creating a flower meadow Yvette Verner 121 No 4 1 A lovely read documenting the creation of a wild flower meadow and beyond in the UK Farm Nature
Eager The surprising secret lives of beavers and what they matter Ben Goldfarb 243 Yes 3 1 A great and thorough book and knowledge behind beavers, chapter 9 about the UK. The natural hydrological engineers. Farm Nature
Farming and Birds R O’Connor 244 No 4 2 1986 UK book, looking then at the then realised decline in Births birds in farming and how to conserve them! Farm Nature
Farming and Birds Ian Newton 573 No 4 3 2017 much more detailed of the book with the same title, typeface is incredibly small which is a real shame! Farm Nature
On the Origin of Species Charles Darwin 427 Yes 5.2 2 Not sure this needs any introduction? Farm Nature
Insects (A Comprehensive Guide) Paul Brock 507 No 3 1 Reference book looking at all of the UK insects and how to identify them. Farm Nature
Wild Flowers of the Meadows National Audubon Society 64 No 3 2 A fairly god book, but printed in the days when colour photos were expensive, so a lot of black and white means tricky for identification. Farm Nature
Some Beneficial Insects MAFF 26 No 4 1 1939 MAFF booklet, nice illustrations and useful information of the main beneficial insects. Farm Nature
Beneficial Insects MAFF 11 No 5 1 Old book with a new cover, pretty useful guide of the main UK beneficial insects Farm Nature
Insects of Britain & Western Europe Collins 307 No 4 1 Pocket identification guide as much as it says in the title. Farm Nature
The Serengeti Rules Sean B Carrol 201 Yes 5 1 Much like chasing the red queen book, this is an essential early reading book, looking at the bigger picture of biology on earth and how things have come to being – very thought provoking Farm Nature
The Nature Fix Florence Williams 258 Yes 4 2 The author looks at the connection between nature, the natural world and our health an wellbeing, why nature makes happier, healthier and more creative as well as have better relationships. Farm Nature
Farming with Native Beneficial Insects The Xerces Society guide 233 No 4 1 A very useful book (would have been a 5 had it not been USA based) but very applicable to the UK Farm Nature
Rewilding Paul Jepson 170 Yes 4 2 Scientific look at the purpose, creation and ideas behind rewilding proving full support and scientific knowledge. Farm Nature
Wild Mammals and the Land MAFF 56 No 4 1 1951 book looking at all of the common mammals found on farmland, the positives and the negatives of their impact Farm Nature
A potted history of vegetables Lorraine Harrison 117 No 4 1 A great book showing the historical location and habitat of vegetables which would be essential knowledge the  trying to understand the bacterial fungi relationship of their ideal soil Plants & Trees
Farm Woodland Management John Blyth 169 No 3 2 UK book, now dated (1991) but a good resource for trees, planting, management and their uses on the farm Plants & Trees
Farm woodland practice BG Hibbered 101 No 3 2 1988 book, describing the then farm woodland scheme and how to use it, full of good information Plants & Trees
Fortress plant Dale Walters 175 No 5 2 UK 2017 book, how to survive when everything is trying to eat you book! How evolution continues to allow plants t defend themselves through their own chemicals, insect allies or advanced communication systems. Plants & Trees
Gathering Moss Robin Kimmerer 162 Yes 5 1 An essential read to understand one of the fundamental parts of soil and biology. Plants & Trees
Good Companions Josie Jeffery 126 No 4 2 An interesting ‘flip’ book layout that didn’t work for me to be honest Plants & Trees
Grazing ecology and forest history Frans Vera 425 No 4 3 A v expensive book (north of £100) but looks into the mind of Frans Vera who is synonymous with the wilding project of the Oostvaardersplassen, who first looked at livestock as a way to properly re-wild part of the Netherlands Plants & Trees
How to grow Great Alfalfa Harold Willis 44 No 4 2 More and more people in the UK are looking at growing Lucerne for soil health, this is a US book that focuses exactly on this aspect. Plants & Trees
How to grow potatoes R.J Ruppenthal 20 No 4 3 Awful typeface (tiny) but a small concise US book about the joys of growing potatoes Plants & Trees
Managing cover crops profitably Sustainable ag network (USA) 162 No 5 2 Explains every type of cover and how and what they do, although written for US audience. Plants & Trees
New roots for agriculture Wes Jackson 148 No 4 2 Wendell Berry acclaimed book on the faults of previous agriculture and how to put them right in a sustainable system Plants & Trees
Agroforestry in the UK Forestry commission 118 No 4 2 2000 UK book, dated but well researched with plenty of data and science. Plants & Trees
Nutrition of the oilseed rape crop M R J Holmes 141 No 4 3 1985 book, well researched book with lots of science taking each individual element and discussing its role in Oilseed rape. Plants & Trees
Pollination of Fruit crops Hort Ed Ass 53 No 5 2 1969 UK book – essential reading if you are looking at understanding the role pollinators make to orchards and what to do to enhance them Plants & Trees
Roses love Garlic Louise Riotte 221 No 4 2 A look at Companion cropping and biodynamics, how garlic prevents roses rust, marigolds drive away nematodes and hot peppers drive away virus carrying insects. Plants & Trees
Silvopasture Steve Gabriel 288 No 5 1 An excellent introduction into the integration of trees, grazing and livestock in a mutually beneficial way Plants & Trees
Spade, skirt and parsnip Bill Laws 205 No 4 1 A History of vegetables, a great look at their origins and husbandry Plants & Trees
Straw for fuel feed & fertiliser A Staniforth 143 No 3 1 Interesting book looking back at the use of straw back in 1982 and way before the eventual ban would come into place. Plants & Trees
Sunflower for food fodder & fertility E F Hurt 149 No 4 2 Another old, but UK book, looking at sunflowers and how to grow them on a farming scale here in the UK, looking at all aspects of their husbandry. Plants & Trees
The A-Z of Companion Planting Jayne Neville 125 No 3 1 A more gardening book but with greta tips on how to get the best from more than just companion crops. Plants & Trees
The Agroforestry handbook Ben Raskin 141 No 5.2 1 Essential reading from anyone that is looking to do any form of agroforestry in the UK Plants & Trees
The apple grower, a guide for the organic orchardist Michael Phillips 320 No 5 1 Really good fruit book, showing how holistic management can be used to mange orchards, the book is US based, but can be extrapolated. Plants & Trees
Carrots love tomatoes & roses love garlic Louise Riotte 441 No 3 2 US book, not the easiest of reads with all of the other selection books available on the subject. Plants & Trees
The Biodynamic Orchard Book Ehremfried Pfeiffer 95 No 3 1 A USA based book looking at the growing of orchards through a year, the expected problems and the organic mixtures that can be used to combat these issues. Plants & Trees
The complete book of Potatoes Hielke De jong 252 No 5 1 A more modern approach (compared to most) 2011 about the growing, cultivating and management of potato crop Plants & Trees
The Holistic Orchard Michael Phillips 340 No 5 1 Another great Tree book, but based in the US do not all relevant to the UK, but essential reading all the same, very well illustrated. Plants & Trees
The Potato in Health and Disease Whitehead Mcintosh Findlay 591 No 4 3 A huge resource (this edition printed in 1953) and first printed in 1927 an essential reference book looking at every aspect of potatoes, growing, weeds, disease, pests, harvest, breeding and storage. Plants & Trees
The Value of Weeds Ann Cliff 123 No 5 1 UK based book on weeds, worthy of a read and understanding, what they do for the soil, environment and wildlife. Plants & Trees
Weed Control G H Bates 215 No 3 2 1955 helps explain weeds on pasture, cultivated and uncultivated land as well means to control them. Plants & Trees
Weeding without chemicals Bob Flowerdew 110 No 5 1 Interesting read, looking at all types of weed and what they indicate, do for the soil and how to eradicate them Plants & Trees
Weedless gardening Lee Reich 184 No 4 1 Great book, based on gardening but nothing really preventing a lot of the ideas and concepts being scaled up and being applied to farms. Plants & Trees
Weeds, Guardian of the soil Joseph Coannouer 128 No 4 1 If this book was written in the UK it would have made the top 10 of my books to read, it looks at all aspects of why, what and how help soils function and why we should use them on a farm to our benefit. Plants & Trees
Community Orchards Common Ground 223 No 4 1 A book dedicated to setting up your own community orchard, benefiting everyone for fruit and nature. Plants & Trees
Companion planting Richard Bird 137 No 4 1 Looking from a UK gardeners perspective, a look into the world of using plant diversity to benefit and synergise each other. Plants & Trees
Companion planting James Paris 62 No 3 1 Handy little companion crop booklet Plants & Trees
Companion planting Bob Flowerdew 101 No 4 1 2010 UK book, describing so much more than just companion plants, but plants that will attract predators to their companions too and so much more Plants & Trees
Companion planting M. Grande 177 No 4 1 A straight forward to use manual looking at companion crops and how each plant could be assisted by another, what are good and bad neighbours. Plants & Trees
Establishing farm woodlands DR Williamson 39 No 3 1 1992 now dated book, but good all the same with plenty of information, diagrams and pictures on how to establish farm trees. Plants & Trees
Farm Weeds NF Young Farmers 47 No 4 1 1950 booklet (In a series of booklets written at the time for young farmers)  Some great wisdom and even a chapter titled ‘the battle’ and gives the choice of ‘weapons’ against the weeds Plants & Trees
The Murder of Nikolai Vavilov Peter Pringle 311 No 4 1 A name that everyone should be aware of and the history explained so well in this book of a man desperate to feed the world, but political upheaval in under Stalin led to his premature death. Plants & Trees
Grow your own drugs James Wong 213 No 3 1 How and what to grow and mix to make medicines, lotions and various repellents. Plants & Trees
Atlas of Weed Mapping Hansjorg Krahmer 461 No 4 4 A highly well organised collection of Hansjorg’s work looking at the detailed science of weeds. Plants & Trees
Weeds of Arable Land MAFF 139 No 4 2 1929 Book, a fascinating introduction into weeds, seeds etc before a very good field identification guide Plants & Trees
Grow for Flavour James Wong 217 No 4 1 Another of James’s books looking at all aspects of improving/changing flavours and how best to grow various fruit and vegetables to achieve the desired flavour. Plants & Trees
Homegrown Revolution James Wong 265 No 4 1 Looking at growing all aspects of fruit/veg and salad on a garden scale, some excellent tips on growing the more exotic species. Plants & Trees
When Weeds Talk Jay L McCaman 138 No 5.1 1 An essential book (based in the USA) however relevant to the UK, what do weeds do, why they occur and how to use them as a beneficial, what controls them, what are their properties. Plants & Trees
Trees of Power Akiva Silver 254 No 5 1 An agroforestry essential, taking the most important 10 trees in a permaculture environment, how to grow, propagate and manage each, what benefits they bring to humans, animals and the environment. Plants & Trees
The Forest Unseen David Haskell 245 No 4 2 Not the easiest typeface, but a fainting read whereby the author visits the same 1m square of forest every day for a year and describes and explains what he see. Plants & Trees
Endophytes: Crop Productivity and Production Dinesh Maheshwari 286 No 4 3 As it says in the title, a scientific book, looking at the latest (2017) understanding into the roles of endophytes and how they might be used in agriculture. Plants & Trees
Grow the Best Asparagus Michael Higgins 32 No 3 1 A very traditionalist leaflet about the growing of asparagus, but also gives reasons why those methods have been adopted. Plants & Trees
Tree Crops A Permanent Agriculture J Russell Smith 357 No 4 3 A book showing that agroforestry is nothing new! written almost a century ago, this book describes the early ideas of permaculture, although not the easiest typeface! Plants & Trees
Orchard A Year in Englands Eden Benedict Macdonald 243 Yes 4 1 A fascinating diary looking at organic, rewilding of orchards, how these ecosystems now so rare can support such a huge abundance of biodiversity. Plants & Trees
Good Grassland Robinson 178 No 3 2 1949 book, interesting content albeit re written in easier to read formats. Plants & Trees
How to Grow more Vegetables John Jeavons 199 No 4 2 Getting dated, although maybe newer versions of my own copy? (9th ed) a useful look at how to maximise vegetable production Plants & Trees
Taming the Truffle Ian R Hall 229 No 4 1 A fascinating read about the latest research into cultivating truffles, it is a great book outlining everything about this most prized fungus and the attempts and failures to ‘grow your own’ Plants & Trees
Grassland and Grassland Products Stephen J Watson 193 No 3 2 A 1951 book on all aspects of pulling together the latest scientific research of the day into a comprehensive grassland book Plants & Trees
Agroforestry an Ecological Tool Prabha Shastri Ranade 181 No 4 3 A book of science and global uses of agroforestry, on a social level, food security and how it benefits the environment. Plants & Trees
Grassland Management for the Practical Farmer W R Peel 175 No 4 1 1938 book, well set out for its age although the more ‘herbal’ elements are cast aside somewhat in favour of clover and grasses for high biomass productivity. Plants & Trees
The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables Ben Hartman 198 No 4 1 An easy to follow book with great pictures and diagrams, however the title farm is yet again designed towards a more market gardener or ‘microfarm’ good for those keen on organic gardening. Plants & Trees
Grass and Grassland MAFF 109 No 4 1 1966 Book, useful information on the Forbes and Herbs that can be added to herbal leys including ideal soil types etc Plants & Trees
Grassland Husbandry H I Moore 136 No 4 2 Really interesting 1950 book describing the importance of grassland, their formation, the breaking up of grassland and the problems associated with it. Plants & Trees
Kick the Hay Habit Jim Gerrish 218 No 5.1 2 A great book, looking at the huge cost of producing hay and housing livestock during the winter and how this can be avoided by grassland management. Plants & Trees
The Organic Backyard Vineyard Tom Powers 169 No 5 1 A really well written and set out easy to read book expelling everything in the title. Plants & Trees
Cereal Diseases their Recognition and Control MAFF 36 No 4 1 1948 booklet – All of the major diseases noted, but interestingly enough, of no economic importance is Septoria, what have we done to wheat/environment whereby septoria is now the number one disease? Plants & Trees
Ensilage MAFF 60 No 3 1 The days before plastic sheeting was used to cover silage clamps and more than just grass/maize was used for silage – a useful read for those interested in ensiling anything other than maize or grass. Plants & Trees
Hay and Silage Conservation MAFF 47 No 4 1 Quite a useful book on grass based on some simple case studies – a worthy read for those involved in Grassland 1974 work Plants & Trees
Crops and Cropping H I Moore 260 No 4 2 1949 book, looking at and well explained all the different crops grown in the UK – interestingly buckwheat was gown commercially then and yet we seem to be only growing it again in cover crops now! Same with sainfoin. Plants & Trees
Crop Husbandary J.A.R Lockhart 256 No 4 2 The bible that was given to me 25 years ago as I started my Agronomy career, a text book I am sure Lockhart and Wiseman that most agricultural students have studies from. Plants & Trees
Fruit bud development MAFF 12 No 4 1 A lovely series of photographs showing how the fruit buds of many trees develop Plants & Trees
Disease of Cultivated Plants 1957-1968 MAFF 302 No 3 2 A useful reference book for plant diseases of the UK agriculture/horticulture world. Plants & Trees
A Precautionary tale. How one small town banned pesticides, preserved its food heritage and inspired a movement Philip Ackerman-Leist 199 Yes 4 1 An Italian town, that did exactly what it says in the title, a worthy read. Chemical Inputs
P is for Pesticides Tim Lang 233 No 4 3 1991 dated UK book, reference mainly for what can be sprayed on various plants, what LD50’s are and how and when they are measured Chemical Inputs
Pesticides and Pollution Kenneth Mellanby 203 No 3 2 A UK book written in 1967 of the early warnings to land, water and air the problems created by all forms of pollution including pesticides and what they would likely cause in the future (and he was spot on!) Chemical Inputs
Poisoned Harvest Christopher Robbins 313 No 3 2 A 1991 UK book, looking at all aspects of pesticides which can be understood. What they do, effects on environment, testing procedure, politics, legislation and a now dated approval of current active ingredients and crop clearances. Chemical Inputs
The world according to Monsanto Marie Monique Robin 329 No 3 1 Follow up and modern book to ‘silent spring’ a useful look from the ‘other side’ into GMO and the company that was Monsanto Chemical Inputs
World according to Monsanto MM Robin 372 No 3 1 Definitely not balanced, looking at pollution, corruption and control of the food supply! Chemical Inputs
Banned a history of pesticides and the science of toxicology Frederick Rowe Davis 220 No 5 1 Modern update really of ‘silent spring’ Chemical Inputs
Basic guide to pesticides Shirley A. 283 No 3 3 A mainly reference book that follows up Rachel Carsons book ‘Silent Spring’ which documents all the known pesticides and explains their effect on the environment. Chemical Inputs
Chasing the red Queen Andy Dyer 192 No 5 1 A quiet excellent book that anyone involved in ‘conventional’ agriculture needs to read. The race between ag pests and poisons. Chemical Inputs
Circle of poison David weir 72 No 3 2 A US book 1962 almost a very early predecessor of extinction rebellion! Chemical Inputs
Food Inc, Mendle to Monsanto the promises and perils of a biotech harvest P Pringle 272 No 3 1 Fringe book, useful read and balanced! Chemical Inputs
Interactions between herbicides and the soil R.J Hance 311 No 3 4 A tricky read at best, but UK research (1980) a series of papers looking at the interactions of herbicides and the soil. Chemical Inputs
Monsanto vs the world Jason Louv 42 No 1 1 An absolute battering of Monsanto! Chemical Inputs
Not on the label Felicity Lawrence 340 No 3 2 A UK book written in the wake of the ‘horse meat’ scandal, that goes on to discuss salad, chicken beans, asparagus, coffee, bread and fruit Chemical Inputs
Whitewash Carey Gillam 248 Yes 5 1 Glyphosate… The story of a weed killer, cancer and the corruption of science (as the full title of the book) interesting read about the ‘Monsanto papers’ Chemical Inputs
Fertilizers for the Farm MAFF 77 No 3 2 1963 booklet, when it seems the answers to everything in farming was bought in a bottle or a bag! Chemical Inputs
The Alchemy of Air Thomas Hager 278 Yes 5.3 2 Essential reading of the story behind the  2 men that took air and turned it into plant food and explosives! Chemical Inputs
Are Chemical Fertilizers Ruining our Soil and Our Health Organic Gardening Magazine 8 No 5 1 Great little pamphlet 1950’s talking about soil health Chemical Inputs
Advancing Biological farming Gary Zimmer 236 No 4 2 Update and expands on his earlier book biological farming Biological Farming
Crop and seed improvement a history of NIAB PS Wellington 292 No 2 3 Not the most dynamic of reads! however a useful insight into the UK plant breeding program throughout history and how we are where we are today! Biological Farming
Crop Nutrition and fertiliser use J Archer 255 No 4 2 1984 ADAS a very good book, well written and easy to read despite the science, looking at all aspects of crop nutrition and fertilisers in an orderly way. Biological Farming
Crop Nutrition, principles & practices R Prasad 259 No 5 2 Very good book, well written and well structured, discussing chapter by chapter the role of each of a plants critical nutrient, what it does and how they work, backed up with science. Biological Farming
Darwinian Agriculture – How understanding evolution can improve agriculture R Ford Denison 215 No 5 3 A book that takes “chasing the red queen” to a scientific level – very good but read the above first! Biological Farming
Eco-Farm Charles Walters 415 No 5.3 2 Essential reading from an author that contributed to so many great books (John Kempf reading list too) Biological Farming
Enduring seeds Gary Nabhan 197 No 2 2 Overview of the philosophy of the need for conversation ag Biological Farming
Fertility farming Newman Turner 231 No 5 1 One of a series of 3 books written by one of the founders of ecological farming UK based and another essential reading book Biological Farming
Fertility pastures Newman Turner 185 No 5 2 An old book of the 1950’s bought back to life with the support of some of the most revered people in the regen ag world – well worth a read Biological Farming
Hands on Agronomy Neal Kinsey 380 No 5 5 Incredible book, needs to be read 3-4 times, there are inaccuracies, however a real insight into the works of Albrecht. Must read! Biological Farming
Management of nitrogen and water in potato production A.J Haverkort 309 No 3 3 2000 Netherlands printed book, a complicated read at best, but essential for those growing potatoes. Biological Farming
Agricultural Botany John Percival 818 No 5.2 2 UK 8th edition (1949) of a 1900 book of essential reading on the understanding, diagrams and a really well thought out layout and easy to follow – despite the age, it is a great read and would if reprinted today, be the top of my reading list! Biological Farming
Micro Organisms in the soil Alan Burges 173 No 4 2 1958 UK book, describes in detail, soil organisms and where they are found in the soil Biological Farming
Microbial control of weeds D TeBeest 272 No 3 5 A Hard read, very science based, but a useful fringe resource. Biological Farming
Microcosmos Lynn Margulis 276 No 5 2 A thorough investigation of 4 billion years of evolution, how the microbial ancestors developed into the diverse species we have and see today – a fascinating read. Biological Farming
Mineral Nutrition and plant disease Lawrence Datnoff 259 No 5.2 3 For a book based on Science, it is well laid out, by each individual element and pulls together well all of the latest research (v expensive!) Biological Farming
Mineral nutrition of crops Zdenko Rengel 363 No 4 4 A much more scientific and citations aplenty look at crop nutrition. Biological Farming
Moth and Wasp, Soil and Ocean Sigrid Schmalzer 30 No 3 1 A very simple book, looking at the Chinese professor Pu Zhelong combining nature and farming in China Biological Farming
Mycelium Running (How mushrooms can help save the world) Paul Stamets 302 No 5.1 2 A phenomenal book about Fungi of all types, in the soil and above ground and their remarkable ability to save the planet! Biological Farming
Mycorrhizal planet Michael Phillips 200 No 3 1 A look at AMF, more from a gardeners point of view, lots of photographs and illustrations, a useful background read. Biological Farming
Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm Stephen Buhner 464 No 3 3 A tricky book to read and comprehend about the fact all living things on earth have intelligence if we spend enough time looking for it and understanding it. Wouldn’t want to read it again! Biological Farming
Plant nutrition and crop production E J Russell 115 No 5 2 1926 book, I love this book, despite its age is timeless, looking at Broadbalk, manure, soil organisms and much more at the dawn of chemical fertilisers. Biological Farming
Agricultural Botany 1 Dicotyledonous Crops Gill & Vear 235 No 4 2 1980 book UK based looking at all of the Dicot crops grown in the UK, how they function and perform best. Biological Farming
Plant nutrition and soil fertility manual 2nd ed J Benton Jones Jnr 231 No 5 3 A v expensive book (£70+) excellent in describing the interactions between elements and crops (basically a full explanation of the Mulder chart) Biological Farming
Principles of Soil-Plant Interrelationships VV Rendig 238 No 4 4 1989 (US) book showing the modelling for understating the relationships, plenty of tricky maths/physics, but in a more readable and understandable format than a lot of high end scientific books. Biological Farming
Science in agriculture Dr. Arden 350 No 5.1 3 John Kempf advising this to be read, so should be a priority, a tricky read though, so don’t make this a first read! Biological Farming
Soil plant relationships an ecological approach David W. Jeffery 276 No 4 3 1997 style textbook for under graduates, written in the US but applicable to the UK, plenty of graphs, data and supporting evidence to back up the claims and information. Biological Farming
Stress tolerance through plant, Mycorrhizal associations Sawsan Addellatif 91 No 3 2 Interesting little study looking at plant interaction examples from around the world and how AMF through experiments show to aid the plant. Biological Farming
Teaming with fungi Jeff lowenfels 154 No 5.2 1 One of a series of 3 ‘teaming’ books which is essential reading to understand the role of fungi and especially Mycorrhizae. Biological Farming
Teaming with Fungi, the organic growers guide to Mycorrhizae J Lowenfels 154 No 4 1 Author also of Teaming wit microbes, explanation of the importance of AMF in all types of systems and soils Biological Farming
Teaming with microbes Jeff Lowenfels 198 Yes 5.2 1 Quite simply amongst the other 3 in the series – essential reading. Biological Farming
Teaming with Nutrients Jeff lowenfels 227 No 5.1 1 Essential reading along with the other 2 of the ‘teaming’ books Biological Farming
The biochemistry of Energy Utilization in Plants Dennis 131 No 4 5 A book written for degree level chemists and biologists – but an important one all the same looking at the energy and transfer of energy within a plant and what id does with it. Biological Farming
Agricultural Botany 2 Monocotyledonous Crops Gill & Vear 228 No 4 2 1980 book UK based looking at all of the Monocot crops grown in the UK, how they function and perform best. Biological Farming
The chemistry of Soil Analysis Donald Storer 58 No 4 2 A text book style look at the ways and science behind how soil samples are analysed. Biological Farming
The Fourth Phase of Water Gerald Pollack 341 Yes 5.2 1 Absolutely essential to understand the chemical and physical properties of water, it is simply taken for granted that it is a benign substance – how wrong! Biological Farming
The Hidden Half of Nature D Montgomery 257 Yes 5 2 Part of the trilogy of Davids work, a look into the root zone of soil and plants, a great read. Biological Farming
The Revolutionary Genius of Plants Stefano Mancuso 202 Yes 5.1 1 Read it! Biological Farming
The Soil and Water Balance GW&CT 89 No 5 1 A really nice simple booklet, showing the results from Loddington and the Allerton project when it comes to soil conservation practices and the more traditional practices. Biological Farming
Agriculture in Transition Donald Schriefer 234 No 5.2 1 US based book, but essential reading from an author that should have already explained the soil, air, water, decay in previous book, moves on to plant and soil interactions. Biological Farming
Ask the plant Charles Walters 256 No 5 3 Another very good book, covering all aspects of a plants requirement for nutrients, carbon and water and how to measure them Biological Farming
Biological Ionization as applied to farming and soil management Dr A F Beddoe 196 No 5 2 V good book explaining amongst lots of things, the roles of plant nutrients, brix, fertilisers and biology. Biological Farming
Botany for Gardeners Braian Capon 245 No 5 2 Excellent diagrams and pictures explaining the process of various plant functions, a really useful reference book. Biological Farming
Call of the reed warbler Charles Massy 446 No 5 2 Modern look at regen ag (2017) should be on audiobook! Biological Farming
Fertility from the Ocean Deep Charles Walters 164 No 5 1 A fascinating book on the works of Dr Maynard Murray and all of his work looking at solids, liquids and plants from the sea and using them to improve plant and animal health. Biological Farming
Usborne Complete Book of the Microscope Usborne 91 No 4 1 A great start and introduction into the world of microscopes, what to look for when purchasing one, how to use and get the best out of it and what you are likely to find when you peer through the lens. Biological Farming
Nutrient Disorder Guide Schering 134 No 4 1 Reference book provided by Schering agriculture back in the day! Biological Farming
The Future-Proof Farm Steve Groff 178 No 5 1 A very modern book – here Steve (followed on Twitter) dedicates many chapters to many questions asked when talking about regenerative farming, such as d cover crops pay? Biological Farming
Regenerative Agriculture A Practical Whole Systems Guide to Making Small Farms Work Richard Perkins 734 No 5.3 1 An incredible resource book that everyone should have, ultra modern in its layout, full of photos, diagrams and explanations on almost everything a regenerative farm needs to know and understand, from building soils, ponds and agroforestry to slaughter house and compost facilities. Biological Farming
Quality Agriculture John Kempf 270 No 5.2 1 The Godfather of modern regenerative agriculture interviews a host of experts to explore all aspects of regen ag. Biological Farming
Nutrition Rules Graeme Sait 297 No 5.3 1 A book of great interviews by the nutritional regenerative specialist that is Graeme Sait from all the major nutritional consultants from around the world. Biological Farming
Seaweed and Plant Growth T L Senn 165 No 5 1 The science behind the use of seaweed in agriculture 1987 book in real need of updating but very useful all the same. Biological Farming
Healthy Crops Francis Chaboussou 209 No 5.3 2 An essential book for anyone looking at regenerative agriculture Biological Farming
An earthworms life John Himmelman 22 No 3 1 Children’s illustrated worm book. Children’s Book
The Life Cycle of an Earthworm Bobbie Kalman 31 No 4 1 Children’s book, well illustrated. Children’s Book
Food & farming Heinemann 29 No 4 1 Children’s book tracing food over 2500 years Children’s Book
Fred the Chaffinch, the history of farming John Miles 32 No 3 1 Children’s book about the Chaffinch and it’s interaction with farms. Children’s Book
Microlife that rots things Raintree 26 No 3 1 Children’s book, great illustrations of microbes! Children’s Book
Scary Creatures of the Soil Gerard Cheshire 30 No 3 1 Children’s book, great illustrations of all things in the soil Children’s Book
Seed soil sun Chris Peterson 24 No 3 1 Children’s book, showing how crops are produced using the soil and the sun Children’s Book
Soil Robin Nelson 22 No 3 1 Children’s book explaining soils in a very simple typeface. Children’s Book
Soil (see for yourself) Karen Bryant-Mole 23 No 3 1 Children’s book, yet again playing soils and their importance. Children’s Book
What’s in the soil ? Martha E.H Rustad 21 No 3 1 Children’s book, well illustrated aimed at 5 years old Children’s Book
Farmer Phil’s permaculutre Phil Williams 18 No 3 1 Children’s book explaining in a very clever way, the idea of permaculture Children’s Book
There’s a Hair in my Dirt Gary Larson 36 No 4 1 Children’s book (slightly older) of a tale of a worm with good fun illustrations. Children’s Book
Fun Facts about Carbon Baby Professor 36 No 3 1 Children’s book, nice facts, useful resource Children’s Book
Fun Facts about Nitrogen Baby Professor 36 No 3 1 Children’s book, nice facts, useful resource Children’s Book
Under the Microscope Earth’s Tiniest Inhabitants Baby Professor 38 No 4 1 Nice Children’s book, lots of good information. Children’s Book
The Simple Science of Dirt Emily James 29 No 3 1 Children’s book, very basic, good illustrations as usual for a child’s book. Children’s Book
Enid Blyton nature books Springtime Enid Blyton 96 No 3 1 A nice book (modernised) of what can be seen in the Springtime Children’s Book
Enid Blyton nature books Wintertime Enid Blyton 96 No 3 1 A nice book (modernised) of what can be seen in the Wintertime Children’s Book
Enid Blyton nature books Summertime Enid Blyton 96 No 3 1 A nice book (modernised) of what can be seen in the Summertime Children’s Book
Burn – Using Fire to Cool the Earth Albert Bates 236 Yes 5 1 A great book looking into future solutions for pulling carbon down from the atmosphere and returning it to the soil – focuses on biochar as an example Wider Farming & Environment
Drawdown the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. Paul Hawken 225 No 5.2 1 Brilliant book (text book layout), looking at sectors, their contribution to Co2, what are the options and solutions to get greenhouse gas accumulation to start declining Wider Farming & Environment
Ecovillages Jonathon Dawson 87 No 2 2 A look at villages from around the world, where eco design has made for a more sustainable future. Wider Farming & Environment
Enough why the worlds poorest starve in an age of plenty Roger Thurow 283 Yes 5 1 I guess i have included this book if you believe we need to produce more and more food for a growing world population, we don’t! Wider Farming & Environment
Family Friendly Farming Joel Salatin 388 No 2 2 I actually loved this book, not that important when it comes to a learning resource, but reminds the reader to enjoy what to do, involve the family and making the most of a wonderful life. Wider Farming & Environment
Farmer’s Glory A G Street 221 No 3 2 The author, bought up on a farm in 1911 UK moved to Canada during the green revolution, only to return to the UK and start farming again. Wider Farming & Environment
Farmers of 40 centuries F H King 464 No 4 2 A look at how the orientals have managed to continue farming through 4000 years, whilst many of the other civilisations Wider Farming & Environment
Farming and Gardening for health or disease Albert Howard 274 No 5 2 An essential read, purely because it is written by the godfather of soil “Sir Albert Howard” a book of an age that is not the easiest read due to the lack of pictures, drawings etc – but essential to anyone that wants to know about growing food. Wider Farming & Environment
Farming for better profitability W J Davies 205 No 4 1 Friend of mine from west wales, interesting read and really interesting tips written down as he has learnt them, sometimes the hard way. Wider Farming & Environment
Farming for the long Haul, Resilience and the lost art of agricultural inventiveness Michael Foley 217 Yes 2 1 Personally found this book rather dull, interesting as a a recap I guess to what farmers have done through the ages? Wider Farming & Environment
Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser 289 No 3 2 Not the easiest typeface to read, looking at the UK as the largest food consumers in Europe and goes on to explain the true cost of the food rather than the price paid off the menu. Wider Farming & Environment
Carbon Finance, the financial implications of climate change Sonia Labatt 239 No 4 1 10 years old and in the world of climate, that means the book is becoming rather dated. Wider Farming & Environment
Feeding Britain Tim Lang 469 No 5 2 Post Brexit and now post Coronavirus, this book looks at why policy makers need to look at food security differently than they currently do. Wider Farming & Environment
Feeding the ten billion L T Evans 227 No 3 2 History of food development and domestication over the history of mankind. Wider Farming & Environment
Food and drink in Britain C. Anne Wilson 376 No 2 3 Tracing food and drink in the UK from the stone age to recent times – in need of modification! Wider Farming & Environment
Food Farming and Society Soil Association 56 No 4 2 Papers published proceeding the soil association conference of 1993, various contributors and a worthy read of their vision for the future back then. Wider Farming & Environment
Forty chances Howard Buffett 411 No 3 2 Fringe book about world food security Wider Farming & Environment
French dirt Richard Goodman 203 No 2 2 The story of a garden in the south of France and its development by an Englishman Wider Farming & Environment
Grain by Grain Bob Quinn 230 No 5 1 A quest to revive ancient wheat, rural jobs and healthy food – a worthy read of correcting mass produced food in all sectors of the industry. Wider Farming & Environment
Grass, Soil, Hope, a journey through Carbon county Courtney White 225 No 5 2 A book describing the process by which an increase of soil carbon storage could save the planet. Wider Farming & Environment
How to make soil and save the earth Allan Shepherd 98 No 2 2 Not sure what the point of printing such a small book? perhaps for ones pocket? Odd at best! Wider Farming & Environment
In search of cheddar man Mich aston 149 No 1 2 Looking at the 9000 history of the cheddar man skeleton and comparing it to an ancestor of the same region Wider Farming & Environment
Climate change and trade, taxing carbon at the border? Daniel Gros 101 No 4 2 Understanding of the EU’s ETS and then arguing whether this places the EU at a disadvantage and whether carbon tax should be implemented at the border Wider Farming & Environment
Iron-age farm Peter Reynolds 109 No 2 2 A book looking at the history of Iron age farming in the UK Wider Farming & Environment
Let them eat Carbon Matthew Sinclair 300 No 4 1 How governments are failing the climate change policy agenda and how big business are profiting from these failures Wider Farming & Environment
Making Charcoal and Biochar Rebecca Oaks 167 No 5 1 UK best book written on the subject, easy to follow, plenty of photos and diagrams showing how to make it and use it. Wider Farming & Environment
Predicting the price of Carbon Richard Clarke 235 No 5 1 A really interesting read on how to measure and then ultimately trade carbon in a carbon price mechanism. Wider Farming & Environment
Pricing Carbon A Denny Ellerman et al 328 No 4 2 Understanding and explaining the EU  ETS Wider Farming & Environment
Pure white and deadly John Yudkin 188 No 3 2 Typeface of my book is awful making it a hard read, but a very useful insight into wondering where all disease stems and it’s not animal fat/protein etc – but sugar! Wider Farming & Environment
Seasons and prices E. L Jones 187 No 5 2 UK book, far more interesting than the title suggests! written in 1964 the book explains the influence of the weather on farming and how to try and combat these. It finishes with a great history of weather from 1728 by year in the UK of farm life. Wider Farming & Environment
Slow money Woody Tasch 204 No 3 2 Invest as if food, farms and fertility mattered! Wider Farming & Environment
Storing carbon in agricultural soils Norman J Rosenberg 115 No 3 3 series of papers describing how and why carbon should and could be stored in the soil, later driven by policy Wider Farming & Environment
Terra Preta Ute Scheub 202 No 5 1 A far more in depth look into the Amazon and how they created highly fertile soil with biochar and what this could mean to the world and climate change. Wider Farming & Environment
Climate change From science to sustainability Stephen Peake 264 No 2 2 Text book style educational learning of climate change and mitigation ideas – 10 years old and becoming dated! Wider Farming & Environment
The Biochar solution Albert Bates 196 No 4 2 Using Charcoal as soil replenisher Wider Farming & Environment
The carbon crunch, how we are getting climate change wrong and how to fix it Dieter Helm 246 No 5 2 Looking at how carbon emissions despite pledges have increased (through exporting energy requirements) carbon trading and the future Wider Farming & Environment
The Carbon Farming Solution Eric Toensmeier 344 No 5 2 A global overview of high agriculture is the answer to reducing CO2 levels back to 350ppm with some excellent tables and information, very good resource book Wider Farming & Environment
The Carbon fields Graham Harvey 216 No 3 2 Looking at grass and livestock, like so many others as a way of reversing climate change Wider Farming & Environment
The chilling stars a new theory of climate change Henrik Svensmark et al 230 No 4 1 Looking at cosmic rays and there role in cloud formation and an earths cooling effect, less cosmic rays, less clouds, warmer world Wider Farming & Environment
The choice is clear Allen Bank 45 No 2 3 OK at best! Wider Farming & Environment
The Economist’s tale Peter Griffiths 249 No 2 2 A look at a diary of how Sierra Leone was driven to famine by the world bank and the promise of a free market. Wider Farming & Environment
The End of Plenty J Bourne 318 No 3 1 The role of the agronomist amongst others in feeding a shrinking planet and growing population. Wider Farming & Environment
The Farm Richard benson 229 Yes 3 2 An account of farming in Yorkshire, the trails and tribulations, a good and enjoyable read with many points about the difficulties faced of a small farm in a growing world. Wider Farming & Environment
The Farm community Emma & Tom Lane 219 No 4 1 Australian family farm that has connected with the community to show and grow food with a more social responsibility. Wider Farming & Environment
Collapse Jared Diamond 528 No 3 2 Society based book on how or why the succeed or fail Wider Farming & Environment
The Man who Fed the World L Hesser 213 No 3 2 Probably best read after learning about Nikolay Vavilov, this book is about Norman Borlaug who developed the US wheat breeding program and rolled it out across the world. Wider Farming & Environment
The Neolithic Revolution Sonia Cole 60 No 3 2 How farming and domestication began and was influenced during the Neolithic times. Wider Farming & Environment
The One Straw Revolution Masanobu Fukuoka 184 Yes 3 1 Linking Regen ag to society, farming and mother nature Wider Farming & Environment
The Resilient Farmer D Avery 278 No 5 1 A book about mental health, whilst quite obviously seen as a fringe book, this is the first book I would recommend when changing to regenerative ag, It’s a book that opens your mind, eyes and soul. Wider Farming & Environment
The Solar Revolution Steve McKevitt Tony Ryan 298 Yes 4.5 1 How if we captured just 1 hours worth of suns energy would provide enough food and energy to meet the needs of the planet for an entire year. Wider Farming & Environment
The Taste of America John Hess 354 No 4 2 Published in 1977, a book that looks at the rapidly declining nutrition loading of food in place of high calorie diets – not much has changed in 40 years…. Wider Farming & Environment
The Third Plate Dan Barber 445 Yes 5.1 2 Tiny typeface book, better to listen than read but a fascinating book that looks into the why chefs need to change the way they serve meals and what they will be requiring from food producers in the future. Wider Farming & Environment
The Turning Point Fritjof Capra 466 No 3 2 An overview of modern science and how it fits in systems approaches, whilst not looking at soil or regen ag essentially, it does explain the importance of system thinking rather than obsession with small parts. Wider Farming & Environment
The Unsettling of America Wendell Berry 228 No 2 1 Good read, more on the fringe for our requirement Wider Farming & Environment
Two percent solutions for the Planet Courtney White 214 No 5.1 1 A really good book showing 50 low cost, low tech nature based practices for combatting hunger, drought and climate change. Wider Farming & Environment
Community farm John Middleton murry 249 No 3 2 Published in 1952 about the purchase of a community farm within a village, what happened, how it worked, parish meetings, arguments, fall outs and the day profits made the whole project worthwhile. Wider Farming & Environment
Water water everywhere Trevor Bevis 38 No 2 2 A book looking at the draining of the Fens in the UK and it’s impact over a 900 year history. Wider Farming & Environment
Where our food comes from G Nabhan 212 No 4 2 A fringe book, but if you have never heard of, or don’t know anything about Nikolay Vavilov then this is an essential read! Wider Farming & Environment
Where the water goes David Owen 259 Yes 3 2 A fascinating read about the Colorado river in the US and tracing it from its head waters and then whilst everyone owns a piece of it, by the time it should form a delta, the river terminate into an every growing desert. Wider Farming & Environment
Whereby we thrive (A History of American farming 1607-1972) John Schlebecker 320 No 2 2 A very fringe book, obviously US based and now dated too! Wider Farming & Environment
Why we love dogs eat pigs and wear cows Melanie joy 155 Yes 4 2 A fascinating read as to why we eat some animals, yet would think is absurd not to eat others! Wider Farming & Environment
Wild harvest Hope Bourne 134 No 3 2 A tricky typeface, however a book documenting the life of Hope and how on a small income made the most of her natural surroundings. Wider Farming & Environment
You can Farm Joel Salatin 447 No 3 1 A very much, farming guide to those looking to get into regenerative farming, written in a true Joel Salatin style! Wider Farming & Environment
Conscious food Jim Pathfinder Ewing 114 No 3 2 2012 UK book looking at the spiritual reconnection of the consumer with their food Wider Farming & Environment
Cows save the planet Judith Schwartz 240 Yes 5 1 Quite possibly the best book justifying livestock, but also ties in soil health AMF and lots of really interesting case studies from around the world, a few of whom I visited on my Nuffield. Wider Farming & Environment
Dark Emu Bruce Pascoe 233 Yes 4 1 An Australian book of the year winner looking at Aboriginal agriculture, dispelling the myth that they were hunter gatherers only and how they bolt dams and cultivated crops. Wider Farming & Environment
Farm Conservation Guide Schering 125 No 3 1 1988 book, surprising publication for the age and the Author (although written by FWAG) Wider Farming & Environment
Conflicts in the Countryside David Bellamy 221 No 3 1 2005 book, showing the successes and failures in the British countryside and what can be done to improve things in the future. Wider Farming & Environment
Conflict and Change in the Countryside Guy Robinson 405 No 3 1 Text book (1996) How urban sprawl and a growing population demand for food has and can come into conflict with the countryside. Wider Farming & Environment
The Weather Companion Gary Lockhart 215 No 5 1 A dull title to what is a fascinating book, looking at all aspects of legend and folklore in weather, such as oak before ash etc Wider Farming & Environment
Weather Andrew Revkin 199 No 5 1 A really good book demonstrating the history of climate and weather from the formation of earth through all the discoveries and learnings an looking far into the future. Wider Farming & Environment
The Vertical Farm Dickson Despommien 268 No 4 1 A look in to how vertical farming could feed the world and what is already being achieved and the science behind it. Wider Farming & Environment
The 200 year History and Heritage of Pembrokeshire Farmers Club Various 315 No 3 1 A nice book detailing the history (and write up of every show) members and stories of a long established farmers club. Wider Farming & Environment
Farming in the 1920’s and 30’s Jonathan Brown 62 No 4 1 Fascinating little book, showing the massive transformation in farming during probably the era of most technological advancement, tractors, machinery, medicine, fertilisers and pesticides. Wider Farming & Environment
Iron Harvests of the Field Peter Dewey 322 No 3 1 The making of farm machinery in Britain since 1800. A good book when the UK was at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing of the worlds best farm machinery, who and how it was developed. Wider Farming & Environment
The Missing Lynx Ross Barnett 317 No 4 1 A book based on re-wilding, what the UK would have looked like before humans landed on the island and builds a case for the re-introduction of species. Wider Farming & Environment
The World Ending Fire Wendell Berry 351 No 4 2 A lovely book by a great author using different chapters for different years of his life all about the world, the land and nature and how our food could and should be produced Wider Farming & Environment
Stalking the Wild Asparagus Euell Gibbons 295 No 2 3 A US based book, where the author spent a huge part of his life devoted to living off the land on the wild side, what could be foraged etc. Wider Farming & Environment
Leaflets No 101-200 Board of Agriculture and Fisheries 550 No 5 2 The sequel to the book of leaflets 1-100 printed in 1909 looking all aspects of farming with various leaflets giving the latest advice, animal husbandry right through to plants and machinery. Wider Farming & Environment
Changing the Face of the Earth I G Simmons 396 No 3 2 1990 UK book so could do with a 30 year update, however it plots the history of human impact on the earth . Wider Farming & Environment
Leaflets No 1 – 100 Board of Agriculture and Fisheries 550 No 5 2 The book of leaflets 1-100 printed in 1908 looking all aspects of farming with various leaflets giving the latest advice, animal husbandry right through to plants and machinery. Wider Farming & Environment
The Farm Wendell Berry 38 No 3 1 Wendell Berry’s book long poem. Wider Farming & Environment
The Art of the Commonplace Wendell Berry 327 No 3 2 A collection of 21 essays by the author where he looks at farming as the integral part of society and how it should become that one more. Wider Farming & Environment
Guide to Methods of Insect Life E A Ormerod 159 No 4 2 A fascinating 1884 book published by an economic entomologist of the time Eleanor Ormerod. The lifecycle of many of the insect ‘pests’ we face now and the treatment at the time. Wider Farming & Environment
Eleanor Ormerod Economic Entomologist Autobiography and Correspondence E A Ormerod 335 No 4 2 A modern reprint (2005) of Elenaors classic work looking at the insect pests of UK agriculture, horticulture and forestry and their impact, control and effect on crops and the wider environment. Wider Farming & Environment
Fire Season Philip Conors 238 No 2 2 I nearly didn’t include this book as it really is at the edge of the study of regen farming if at all – but the information of the wilderness, the observations of wild fires and all that go with it are a useful lesson. Wider Farming & Environment
The Clifton Park System of Farming and Laying Down Land to Grass Robert Elliot 88 No 4 3 The smallest of Typeface makes for a difficult read at best, but the information s well worth persevering with. The appendix is as big as the book and pretty much describes the title. Useful reference tables for seed size, germination and weights. Wider Farming & Environment
Sapiens A brief History of Humankind Yuval Noah Harari 466 Yes 3 2 A book that looks at us as a race, what we have achieved, what we have done and in context how long we’ve done it. It also looks at where we’re going Wider Farming & Environment
Homo Deus Yuval Noah Harari 462 Yes 3 2 The sequel to Sapiens a brief history of humankind, where it explores what the future holds in the 21st century and how we can protect the planet from our own destructive capabilities Wider Farming & Environment
The Lean Farm Ben Hartman 221 Yes 4 1 A book looking at the Japanese theory of cutting down on all waste aspects whilst therefore increasing profitability. Wider Farming & Environment
Introduction to Agronomy Craig Sheaffer et al 628 No 5 1 A really good book and understanding of what agronomy actually is, looking through all aspects from basic seed and seedling illustrated growth, through to weeds, pests, diseases, crops and cover crops (US based) Wider Farming & Environment
Native – Life in a Vanishing Landscape Patrick Laurie 243 No 4 1 A book more like a story of the author and his farming in Galloway Scotland, about the connection between people, farming and nature. Wider Farming & Environment
Water Soil and the Plant E J Winter 128 No 3 3 1976 reprint of a text book designed for those taking a National diploma in Horticulture – UK based and some really interesting ideas and concepts Wider Farming & Environment
Plant Nematology MAFF 167 No 3 3 1959 book and very detailed of all aspects of nematodes that effect agriculture in the UK, in the most part the book is very good, however this book was written when the chemical ‘nasty’ were available and incredible the rates and types used for their control! Wider Farming & Environment
The Ages of Gaia James Lovelock 240 No 4 2 The second book looking in more detail of the environmental aspects of Gaia such as acid rain, the greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer. Wider Farming & Environment
Homage to Gaia James Lovelock 407 No 4 3 100th anniversary (of Birth) of the author looking at the travels and discoveries which led to the publication of the first book and the discoveries which it has now become the mainstream. Wider Farming & Environment
Gaia a New Look at Life on Earth James Lovelock 132 Yes 5 2 The first in a series of books in which the author understands that the planet is and functions as a single huge organism. Wider Farming & Environment
The Gaia Atlas of Planet Management Norman Myers 259 No 5.1 1 A great text book with great illustrations (slightly dated now 1994) but a very good and well set out read of the discoveries made by James Lovelock Wider Farming & Environment
Manual of Nutrition (10th ed) MAFF 125 No 3 2 A book looking at the nutritional contents of foods for human consumption Wider Farming & Environment
Gaia a New Look at Life on Earth (reprint) James Lovelock 132 Yes 5 2 The first in a series of books in which the author understands that the planet is and functions as a single huge organism. Wider Farming & Environment
Gaia in Action Science of the Living Earth James Lovelock 338 No 4 2 A Fascinating book which looks at a series of scientists who individually put together the pieces of Gaia Wider Farming & Environment
The Revenge of Gaia James Lovelock 159 No 5 2 How Gaia and climate change will have huge impacts on the planet Wider Farming & Environment
The Vanishing Face of Gaia James Lovelock 162 Yes 5 1 The sequel to the revenge of Gaia which shows the ‘final warning’ to the world if nothing is done about climate change Wider Farming & Environment
A Small Farm Future Chris Smaje 267 No 4 2 A book where the author (a social scientist) looks at the future of farming and how social interactions on small farm units might be the way in which farms become more diverse and preform far better for humanity and the planet. Wider Farming & Environment
Rotations MAFF 18 No 4 1 1950 booklet, explaining the need for rotations, what suits what soil type and how to change rotations for better management Wider Farming & Environment
Back from the Brink Peter Andrews 238 No 4 2 A look at Australia, the way European farming methods have created longer hotter droughts and many problems, the author looks at the thought of farming alongside the natural environment. Wider Farming & Environment
Residual Value of Applied Nutrients MAFF 333 No 3 2 A useful reference book for the major elements of NPK in the UK agriculture/horticulture world. Wider Farming & Environment
Soil Potassium and Magnesium MAFF 193 No 3 3 Highly scientific look at the relationship in UK arable systems between Mg and K Wider Farming & Environment
Soil Phosphorus MAFF 159 No 3 3 Highly scientific look at the UK arable/horticultural systems of P Wider Farming & Environment
Trace Elements in Soils and Crops MAFF 216 No 3 3 Highly scientific look at the UK arable/horticultural systems of trace emlements Wider Farming & Environment
From Maverick to Mainstream: A History of No-Till Farming Frank Lessiter 416 No 5 1 A collection of stories and photographs that document (albeit not always in chronological order) the development of No-Till from a single trial plot by Harry Young in Kentucky in 1962 Wider Farming & Environment
The New organic grower Elliot Coleman 236 No 3 1 Good book, based around market gardening but as with most books very much US based Organic Production
The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook P Wheeler et al 220 No 5 1 Really good book interpreting soil results, looking at paramagnetic and using nutrition for crop health Organic Production
Tommorow’s Table Pamela Ronald 167 No 4 2 Organic farming, genetics and the future of food, written by 2 professors of genetics at the University of California, part memoir, part instruction. Organic Production
Truth about organic food Alex Avry 223 No 3 2 Fringe book, but helps justify regenerative agriculture over organic. Organic Production
Grassland management for organic farmers David younie 186 No 5 2 UK book 2012, very good resource into all aspects of grassland for organic farmers. Organic Production
One size fits none Stephanie Anderson 266 No 4 2 Regenerative agriculture Organic Production
Organic farming Organic farming 335 No 5 1 A Rodale book written in 1977 looking at yesterday’s and tomorrow’s agriculture, how to farm organically in the future, biological and physical weed control, insects and building soil fertility Organic Production
Organic Futures Adrian Myres 238 No 4 2 UK book where the author makes the case for organic farming as of course this where most of the science has been based for the past 4000 years! Organic Production
Organic Manifesto Maria Rodale 187 Yes 4 2 An interesting read from the CEO of the Rodale Institute in the US, can organic farming really be the answer to the food production of the world? Organic Production
Organic no till faming Jeff Moyer 200 No 3 2 Rodale manager of longest organic research fam in world Organic Production
Potato Growing (organic) Clavering organic 32 No 4 1 Nice little booklet on the subject and looks to explain the main pest issues with potatoes. Organic Production
Profitable Organic Farming Jon Newton 170 No 3 3 A more scientific Jon Nix for the organic sector, 2nd ed (2004) UK based. Organic Production
Crop Rotation and cover Cropping Seth Kroeck 56 No 4 1 First few chapters are really useful, then tilts wholly towards North Eastern US production as it might from the books author and purpose. Organic Production
The Market Gardener Jean-Martin Fortier 145 Yes 4 1 Great book showing how micro farms work and well illustrated on 1.5 acres of ground – similar book to “Miraculous abundance”. Organic Production
The Origins of the Organic Movement Philip Conford 218 No 3 3 Not the easiest read but a useful understanding as to the history of the organic movement in the US and UK from around the 1920’s tracing through the reasons for the movements direction and state. Organic Production
Grape Grower A Guide to Organic Viticulture Lon Rombough 262 No 5 2 A very informed book, lots of information and experience of how to grow and maintain an organic orchard. Organic Production
The Organic Method Primer Bargyla & Gylver Rateaver 488 No 3 4 A strange book in the way it is laid out and for all the complexity it is presented is a real shame because the information is absolute quality! Organic Production
The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution Andrew Mefferd 312 No 4 1 A slightly misleading title, depending on the definition of farm and therefore size – this is much more a no-till market garden or micro farm as they have now been coined Organic Production
Miraculous Abudance Perrine Herve-Gruyer 221 Yes 5 1 A great book and story of how a french couple with no gardening experience embarked on a permaculture/regenerative lifestyle to produce huge quantities of food on 1/4 of an acre! Organic Production
The Organic Tradition Philip Conford 221 No 3 3 A tricky book and typeface, looking at the history and the start of the movement of organic farming 1900-1950 Organic Production
Compost Teas Eric Fisher 176 No 5 1 A rather misleading title to a very good book, which looks at plant nutrition, reading deficiencies, soil and plant microbial life and much much more – well worth a read! Worms & Compost
Harnessing the earthworm Thomas barrett 179 No 5 2 A photocopy of the 1950’s publication, harnessing the earthworm; a practical inquiry into the soil-building, soil conditioning and plant nutrition through the action of earthworms. Worms & Compost
The Earth Moved Amy Stewart 212 Yes 4 1 Book dedicated to the role of earthworms Worms & Compost
The Earthworm Book Jerry Minnich 298 No 4 2 1977 US based book on the earthworm, a bigger, longer book than the farmers earthworm handbook, yet seems to have no more information. Worms & Compost
The Farmers Earthworm Handbook David Ernst 108 No 5.2 1 A reprint (1995) of a book written in 1958 – The only slight drawback is the fact it is US based. Worms & Compost
The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms C Darwin 313 No 4 3 Original copy of Darwins work, some of the english not as we would read or understand it today! Worms & Compost
Worms at Work Crystal Stevens 104 No 3 1 A fairly basic book, explains the worms uses and then a section on explain worms to school children. Worms & Compost
Compost, Vermicompost and Compost Teas Grace Gershuny 64 No 4 1 A (US) nice introduction into compost and all aspects relating to it, Appendix is larger than the book with various recipes Worms & Compost
Composting with worms George Pilkington 118 No 5 1 A book with a great first few chapters on all thing  compost and what lives within it, more garden based than agriculture but a good concise read. Worms & Compost
Darwin on Humus and earthworms C Darwin 148 No 5 4 Reprint of his work from 1881, not the easiest to read, but very interesting interactions of earthworms, soil and humus and vegetable moulds Worms & Compost
Dissection of the earthworm Whitehouse 71 No 5 2 1949 reprint of the fascinating insight into the earthworm to understand its features – quite a remarkable little book Worms & Compost
Earthworm Biology Jhon A. Wallwork 52 No 5 2 UK 1983 booklet that details the marvels of the earthworms anatomy – how complicated? Worms & Compost
Earthworms dirt and rotten leaves Molly Mclaughlin 74 No 5 1 1986 US book, very well written and even better illustrations – a really good book on the earthworm Worms & Compost
Ecology of soil animals J A Wallwork 258 No 4 3 1970 UK graduate book, describing by chapter the different orders of animals found in the soil, from the smallest to the largest Worms & Compost
Friend earthworm George Oliver 168 No 5.1 1 A lifetimes work in a relatively short book, essential reading how worms can build an inch of soil in 5 years! Worms & Compost
Worms Eat My Garbage Mary Appelhof 141 No 5 1 Simplified look at earthworms, what they do, how to set up a worm bin etc (a best selling book in the mainstream) Worms & Compost
The Worm Forgives the Plough John Stewart Collis 291 No 5 1 Fascinating title to a book written in 1973, John is a scientist, ecologist, poet and farm worker, in this book (combination of 2) he talks about his life on the farm. Worms & Compost
Bokashi Composting Adam Footer 127 Yes 4 1 Looking at how to produce compost in an anaerobic environment. Worms & Compost
The Compost Tea Brewing Manual Elaine Ingham 68 No 5 1 A Free to download manual of the latest (5th edition) compost tea, how to make, what to look for and types of really useful information. Worms & Compost
The Regenerative Grower’s Guide to Garden Amendments Nigel Palmer 178 No 5 1 Great new and modern book, highlighting how to get the best out of and make quality compost, extracts and ferments naturally. Worms & Compost
Best Management Practices: Johnson-Su Composting Bioreacors USDA 19 No 5 1 For those looking to make simple compost and not needing to turn it, this is the ultimate solution. Worms & Compost
Earth User’s Guid to Permaculture Rosemary Morrow 141 No 4 2 An Australian based permaculture book, not given any more marks for it, because there are so many great UK books written on the subject. Permaculture
The Permaculture Plot Permanent Publications 92 No 4 1 A useful guide to permaculture in the UK where it lists 50 places where permaculture is practiced and are willing to demonstrate to visitors what they are doing (most privately owned) Permaculture
The Permaculture Way Graham Bell 226 No 4 2 Another permaculture book 1992 based in the UK a very good guide, although in terms of ease of reading, the more modern books are better illustrated. Permaculture
The Permaculture Way Graham Bell 213 No 5 2 A Permaculture book written in the UK (Scottish author) looking at a way of life and how to maximise your land whilst minimising waste at every venture – a worthy read. Permaculture
The Resilient Farm and Homestead Ben Falk 260 No 4 1 A US based text book style book about innovative permaculture and a whole systems design approach – a far more in depth look at the UK equivalent of River cottage! Permaculture
Trees for gardens, orchards and permaculture Martin Crawford 224 No 5.1 1 A great UK book about trees and orchards, how they fit into the classified USDA zones when looking at the UK – essential reading for anyone involved in trees in the UK Permaculture
Edible forest gardens 2 Dave Jacke 457 No 5 2 The second in a series of 2 books looking at all aspects of permaculture and design – quite simply an encyclopaedia of permaculture. Permaculture
Permaculture and climate change adaption Thomas Henfrey 93 No 2 2 A brief look at the philosophy’s behind permaculture. Permaculture
Permaculture Design Aranya 183 No 5 1 A fascinating hand book, showing how to and demonstrating how to set up your own permaculture in the UK – an essential book for those looking to set up a permaculture garden/farm. Permaculture
Permaculture in a nutshell Patrick White Field 75 No 3 2 Despite the title, there are far better and more concise books than this! Permaculture
Permaculture promise Jono Neiger 151 No 4 1 US based book on permaculture, really easy to read, lots of examples and diagrams. Enjoyable although there are plenty of good UK books on the subject Permaculture
Restoration Agriculture Mark Shepard 298 Yes 5.1 2 A truly great read, permaculture in the real world, what it means, how to create it and how to live in the permaculture mindset, full of fascinating facts and a book I loved. Permaculture
The basics of permaculture design Ross Mars 158 No 4 2 Another UK permaculture book, seem to be spoilt in the UK for good books about permaculture and its design. Permaculture
The bio-intergrated farm Shawn Jadrnicek 343 No 3 1 Good book, mainly focusing on permaculture and market gardening, but a useful insight and some great ideas and diagrams. Permaculture
Edible forest gardens 1 Dave Jacke 303 No 5 2 The first in a series of 2 books looking at all aspects of permaculture and design – quite simply an encyclopaedia of permaculture. Permaculture
The Earth Care Manual Patrick Whitefield 421 No 5 2 Another book from the permaculture author, looking at all aspects of setting up permaculture in the UK. Permaculture
The permaculture Student 1 Matt Powers 81 No 5.1 1 Hard to decide the age group this is set out for, my best guess is teenagers, but the book is fascinating and full of illustrations and makes a great introduction to permaculture. Permaculture
The permaculture Student 2 Matt Powers 349 No 5.1 1 Far more in depth and bolder look at permaculture, but written in a really easily and enjoyable way of understanding. Permaculture
The Advanced Permaculture Student Teachers Guide Matt Powers 81 No 2 2 Of no real use, unless setting out a teaching course for permaculture and how to structure the lessons. Permaculture
Forest Gardening Graham Burnett 24 No 5 1 A very well designed little pamphlet explaining the basics of a permaculture forest garden. A greater starter read Permaculture