Ben Taylor-Davies and family welcome you to Townsend Farm.

Working hard to produce nutrient dense high welfare food whilst enhancing the environment

Ben Taylor-Davies RegenBen

Hi, I’m RegenBen!

Possibly the first proclaimed Bioagriecologist!
Straight talking husband, father, farmer, consultant, public speaker, Nuffield Scholar 2016 and Oxford Farming Conference Director.

Meet Ben
Regen Ag

Regenerative Agriculture

What’s it all about and how it can help you.

Regen Ag Consultancy


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RegenBen's Regen Ag Library

Ben’s Regen Ag Library

Ben’s recommended reading list.

Mental Health in Agriculture

Regenerate your Mind

Agriculture and Mental Health

Ben Taylor-Davies and Family

When we have each other we have everything.

We’re the Taylor-Davies family from Ross-on-Wye and love breaking the boundaries of farming techniques. Reducing pesticide use, improving soil health, reducing our carbon footprint, looking after the environment and producing nutrient dense high welfare food makes us very happy.

Meet the Family

What’s happening at Townsend Farm


New Horizons Mural

Townsend Vineyard

Hands Off Vineyard & Winery

Regen Retreat Glamping Site Brampton Abbots Ross-on-Wye

Regen Retreat Glamping

Game Shoot at Townsend Farm

Game Shoot

The River Wye

The River Wye

Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

HIghland Cow

Meet The Animals

The Shop

More-On Regenerative Agriculture Book by Ben Taylor-Davies

The Book

The Fermentary

The Wormery Townsend Farm RegenBen RegenAg

The Wormery

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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not eaten well!

Grass Fed Lamb

Herbal Ley Butchery

Chaos Produce

Chicken Tractor Eggs

The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse

Wild Flower Honey

The future plans for our farm

Our plans are to share the fruits of our labour by opening a farm shop.  We would love to be able to provide the community with herbal ley beef, pork and lamb.  Grass-fed chickens and free-range eggs.  Homegrown vegetables from our chaos garden.  Providing all this nutrient-dense high welfare food whilst reducing our carbon footprint and introducing new and revolutionary farming methods which will improve the soil health, the surrounding areas and the environment.